Travelling the coastal areas in Europe

28 March 2016 | Portofino
28 March 2016 | Siofok

Ligurian adventure

28 March 2016 | Portofino
Last week we went to visit the Ligurian coast or the Italian Riviera. We've heard that it is the best time to see it in March as it gets overly crowded during summer and neither of us likes that.

After a short stop in Savona, we headed to the picturesque village of Portofino where we decided to stay overnight on land in the wonderful Hotel Splendido.

The weather was great and I must say that out of all coasts, the Ligurian one is the most beautiful to admire from the sea. It has lush vegetation, great mountains and colorful villages pecked on its coast.

Our boat is still there, although now we took a pause but we will return next week to travel to Sardegna and on the Adriatic afterwards.

Sailing Lake Balaton

28 March 2016 | Siofok
While I was in Barcelona me and my husband befriended Peter who has a boat in Lake Balaton.

He invited us to spend the Easter at Lake Balaton and we couldn't refuse the invitation to explore new areas.

Frankly, I knew nothing about Lake Balaton beforehand and I was surprised by its size and by the number of boats stationed in the largest harbor of the lake, Siofok.

Fortunately, the weather was calm, on average 14 degrees celsius and the views from the lake were astonishing. It was very different than the Mediterranean where we spend most of our time. Vineyards, many villages next to each other and eerie churches on the top of the hills were to be found everywhere.

Overall it was a lovely experience, my experience on a lake.
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