Racing and cruising on a Corsair 28 trimaran.

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The final day

18 April 2010
The bay was calm with no wind, until the sea breeze filled in right before the race. The first race was our lucky race. Half way on our first downwind leg, it suddenly got very windy. Everybody else overstood, which means they sailed too far to one side. There were only three boats ahead of us when we started to go upwind. We finished first on corrected time!

In the overall standings we beat Linda. I enjoyed racing, because it was an awsome close competition, and the wind wasn't too strong.
Vessel Name: Trevelyan
Vessel Make/Model: Corsair 28cc Trimaran
Hailing Port: Cayuga Lake, NY
Crew: Richard Stephens
About: Cruise: Laura (wife), Peter (9), Danny (7)
Race: Peter, Tom and Kim
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Who: Richard Stephens
Port: Cayuga Lake, NY