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Indonesia with our boys.

09 January 2015 | Indonesia
After the relative peacefulness of Gili Air, Kuta during the holiday season appeared pandemonic. The chaotic cacophony was made worse by the heat in the unairconditioned van that slowly made its way through the congested convoluted streets. Upon arrival at the hotel we found there had been an error in the booking and three of us did not have a room. Following a long exhausting debate over what we should, could and would do, Dwayne, Alex and I went and found another hotel room for a couple of nights. The disorder at the next hotel would have been comedic had I not been so tired. They gave us a room with one king size bed..... for the three of us! I have no idea what they were thinking! Eventually we all had a bed to sleep in for the night so we hired scooters and convened at the Rooster Bar. A few games of pool, dinner and an early night!

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