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Senibong Cove Marina, Malaysia

12 May 2015
We finally caught up with our “virtual” cruising buddies, SV Tiki - Heather and Neil.  SV Tiki had been sailing the same direction as us but we had just missed each other or we’d gone slightly different ways. We had briefly met Neil in Serangan, Bali, but not Heather; facebook, blogs and messenger kept the four of us up to date on each others progress.

Senibong Cove was not actually on our way but it was worth the detour to catch up with Tiki and her crew. We had a great time catching up over drinks at the bar and they introduced us to the “PORK HOCK”…. Dwayne was sold!

The 'Pork Hock'
The 'Pork Hock'

We went to Singapore for a few days and the night we returned Heather had us on board for a delicious curry!

Heather and Dwayne on Tiki

We met Adam and Kaye off SV Soggy Moggy and the night before we were leaving we all got together on Thorfinn for an ‘Aussie BBQ’ …. even though technically Neil and Heather are Poms...


SV Tiki - Neil

Adam and Kaye
Adam and kaye

Real Aussie lamb chops, chicken drumsticks, prawns, green salad and the obligatory potato bake. Just perfect. Great company came together to produce great food and good times!

Next blog: our couple of days in Singapore.

Travel Notes:

Senibong Cove Marina - Approximately AUS $15 per day. Toilet and shower facilities BUT no laundry. At the marina there is a cafe, bar/restaurant and mini mart.

Shopping - (Aeon Mall) is a 15 minute walk away down a motorway. Not the nicest of walks but we did it a couple of times. Taxi's are cheap, approximately RM8 (AUS $2.80) to the Aeon shopping mall.

To get to Singapore from the marina. We caught a taxi to the bus/immigration terminal. Cost RM 21.00 Approx AUS $7.00.

Then a bus to Kranji. The bus takes you to the immigration terminal where you get off and go through immigration and customs before getting back on the bus to Kranji.  Bus to Kranji Rm1.50 Approx AUS $0.50.

At Kranji we got on the MRT to the area our hotel was in. Cost RM 2.50 Approx AUS $0.90.

Catching a cab from the MRT to Hotel was impossible and we ended up walking. Wasn't that far away.
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