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Snorkelling and Diving in Sabang, Indonesia!

29 May 2016
The snorkelling and diving in Pulau Weh, and the other islands of the Sabang area, was outstanding! We were truly astounded by the amount of fish, variety of marine life and the size of some of the fish we saw. Spending the last 18 months snorkelling in South East Asia hasn't aways been pleasant. Unfortunately, it is often a blunt reminder of the tragedies occurring within our oceans, seas and reefs. We have seen evidence of dynamite fishing, collection of turtle eggs, severely damaged coral reefs, tourists standing on and /or kicking coral with their fins, rubbish of extraordinary amounts and we have even saved a turtle that was tangled up in an astronomical amount of rubbish and fishing nets.

Green turtle (I think, correct me if I am wrong)

In Sabang the problems of rubbish, and the tourists related coral damage, still apply. However, the tourism in Sabang is still relatively small and the PBKS are hopefully going to start addressing the problems associated with coral reefs, tourism and rubbish collection, as they work towards developing the tourism in the Sabang area.

Clark's Anemonefish - bubble-tip sea  anemone

An amazing variety of marine life!

While diving Dwayne saw a manta ray, sharks, nudibranchs, frogmouth fish, ribbon eels and a gargantuan sweetlip. We also saw lionfish, scorpionfish, shrimpfish, long-horned cowfish, peacock manta shrimp, painted lobsters, sea snakes, and the entire star-studded cast of Finding Nemo! For a full list of the species I could identify follow the link below to the full article about diving and snorkelling Sabang.



Clean up Rubiah day!

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