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12 May 2011 | South Lake
09 May 2011 | Belhaven
08 May 2011 | Bonner Bay
07 May 2011 | Coast Guard Station
03 May 2011 | Wrightsville Beach
01 May 2011 | Southport
27 April 2011 | Bull Creek
25 April 2011 | Whiteside Creek Near Charleston
23 April 2011 | Cumberland Island
21 April 2011 | St. Augustine
19 April 2011 | Daytona Beach
18 April 2011 | Palm Shores Bridge
17 April 2011 | Fort Pierce
15 April 2011 | Lake Worth
11 April 2011 | No Name Harbor
08 April 2011 | Venetian Causeway Anchorage
01 April 2011 | No Name Harbor
31 March 2011 | Pumpkin Key
30 March 2011 | Rodriguez Key
27 March 2011 | Marathon

Offshore to Beaufort

07 May 2011 | Coast Guard Station
Pulled anchor and got underway at 6:15 am. Dense fog in Wrightsville Beach. Very wet. Put up the mainsail before negotiating the Masonboro Inlet. Once we got thru the inlet the fog wasn't as bad: colder water in the ocean took care of that. Pulled out the jib sail and motored with two sails up. NW winds and 3-4 foot swells. Fishermen galore also out there; fog doesn't seem to bother them at all.

At 0800 all sails were up and the engine off. Doing 6 to 7 knots with the sails doing nicely on a beam reach. Cold and damp so far.

Nancy got a little seasick from the wave motion; crackers and ginger tea did the trick. Getting up in the cockpit was good too. So far the sun isn't warming up Troubadour very well.. The easterly swells are conflicting with the NW wind chop, making for and interesting and complicated sea.

The wind kind of fizzled out around noon--down to 6 knots true. We took the stay sail down and started the engine. Jib came down shortly after. Gave up the ghost on the main sail and it came down at 2 pm. The wind had shifted to the SW and is around 3 knots true. Oh well.

The Beaufort inlet was a little rough with the current against us. We'd wrapped up our headsail instead of struggling to do a jibe in such big squirrely waves. Halfway in we pulled it out a little just to steady the boat. Lots of big fishermen boats coming in producing amazing wakes; which added to the already big waves.

Made it to the Ft. Macon anchorage near the Coast Guard station around the corner and dropped the hook at 5 pm. This is a new anchorage for Troubadour.
Vessel Name: Troubadour
Vessel Make/Model: Tashiba 40
Hailing Port: Boston
Crew: Ed & Nancy
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Who: Ed & Nancy
Port: Boston