S/V True Companion CSY44

27 June 2014
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20 May 2014 | Apia
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20 April 2014 | Taiohae
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15 March 2014
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09 March 2014
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Sara M the schooner

10 March 2014 | Ensenada Los Muertos
Sara M
I mentioned before that Alan single hands Sara, he hates that expression by the way because he thinks what he does is nothing special. He prefers to just say, he sails by himself. and that's what he was doing when we met him. Sailing the Sea of Cortez for the summer and becoming quite the social butterfly in the process. Meaghan not a thing to worry about, Alan is keeping up with his promise to introduce himself around the anchorages and even dragging a few other solo sailors to the community.
We have now been onboard Sara for 2 weeks and left La Paz 5 days ago. The week in town was a busy mix of provisioning and catching up with the many friends we have made there. Of course it also happened to coincide with Carnival so many late nights were had by all. These Mexicans sure know how to party. The noise keeps on till 4or 5 in the morning, way past cruisers midnight and nearly breakfast time for those who don't indulge.
Fair well LaPaz, will see you in 2 or 3 years on our return to "True Companion" and our next adventure.
On the day we departed we had Robin aboard for a lovely sail out the channel and round the corner to Bahia Falsa, where we anchored for the evening. What a glorious first day of the big adventure, topped off by one of those sensational LaPaz sunsets and a couple of quiet ones on the deck before Alan ran Robin home in the Dinghy.
Next day saw us picking up the hook and heading to Bahia San Gabriel. A lovely sail again with NE winds at 8-10 knots giving us a little practice at tacking on Sara. The wind dying just short of the bay so we had to push the last 15 mins. As you know "Sara M" has no engine, so to push her along the dinghy can be pulled hard against the stern and the 15hp Yamaha fired up. This gives us about 1.5 to 2 knots in still conditions, just enough to keep some steerage and a little progress. Bahia San Gabriel is a beautiful big bay, long sandy beach and a frigate bird colony. Of course we are still to close to LaPaz to get away from the socialising just yet. Bill from "Odyssey" the only other CSY44 I have seen and his friend John come over for a beer before sundown.
We are supposed to meet them at Playa Bonanza the following day for tea, but with fair winds in the San Lorenzo channel we decide to keep heading South instead. Next stop Muertos or so we are thinking as the sunsets. Sunrise see's us only 6 or 8 miles further down. We check the forecast and decide to pull in to the beach South of La Ventana. Anchoring at the civilised time of 11.45am.
In the process of anchoring and then weighing anchor the following day ,we manage to break the cast winch housing. Luckily it was on the last crank as the anchor came home so it didn't cause any problems right away. A quick trip around to Los Muertos saw us anchored again by 1.30 on the 8th Mar, Nats and my 1st anniversary. Of course we'd had champagne breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, mushroom and tomatoes before snapping the winch so stress was very low Hahaha.
Once in Muertos we unbolted the winch, put it in the dinghy and headed ashore for lunch and a beer while we waited for Robin to arrive. Alan and Robin disappeared with the winch, hoping to have it repaired in LaPaz. This left Nat and I alone on Sara for an anniversary evening. Mmmmm 12 months already, All good. We settled in and watched a real Rom com, not. "Shaun of the dead" Nats choice too believe it or not, but it is a very funny movie.
So now we are awaiting the return of our skipper and his wench, sorry winch, I meant winch.
Vessel Name: True Companion
Vessel Make/Model: CSY44
Hailing Port: Darwin NT
Crew: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop

Who: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop
Port: Darwin NT