S/V True Companion CSY44

27 June 2014
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Ensenada Los Muertos

15 March 2014
Muertos to Cabo San Lucas
Tuesday 11th of March celebrated the return of our Skipper accompanied by both Wench and winch. Winch was unceremoniously dumped onboard and we had yet another farewell lunch with the lovely Robin. Luckily we are into short goodbyes, just many of them.
Later that afternoon we did manage to reinstall the freshly repaired and painted winch and also hoist the square sail ready for our downwind run. I think that Marvin must have insisted on painting the windlass to cover Alan's grinding job :-)
Wednesday saw us pushing out from the Anchorage in the hope of making Frailles for the evening. Alas the winds are determined to keep us in the Sea for a little longer yet and we pulled in behind Punta Arena around 8pm after 5kts max wind for the day. Sensational sailing in perfect weather and no seas, just beautiful.
I'd had Alan fire up the diesel stove and made a loaf of sour dough and some beans. When I say some beans, I mean a whole lot of beans. Decided I might as well cook the entire bag seeing as how the stove was on. I may have gone just a little overboard and I'm sure at least half of the beans will follow. Needless to say there is plenty of wind onboard, but not the kind you want to harness, phooeeee.
Thursday morning our skipper was up early, making a start on getting the anchor and sails up and we were away with a beautiful NWrly at only around 5kts. By midday we got the square sail out in much the same breeze. Funny how that thing just makes you feel like your on a pirate ship as soon as its filled, but what a way to travel Mmmmm mmm.
The evening of course sees us hove to for a very quiet night, no wind. I am sitting on the aft deck of Sara writing this instalment at 3 in the morning with stars and moon for company. The only other travellers on this gorgeous night has been the occasional drowsy dolphin. Haven't managed to spot them in the moonlight but it always perks you up just to hear them nearby.
Hopefully we will make San Jose del Cabo today, we've come no closer overnight and have about 18Nm still to go. We are all of us ready to get there, check out of Mexico and begin the real adventure.
As I'm finishing this post I can hear leaping Ray's off in the distance.
We made it in that afternoon around 4 after spending the entire day surrounded by Whales. What a spectacle, they were breaching, tail slapping, flipper slapping and just having a fat time. They were just doing there thing every where we looked, we even saw a little humpback breaching just like daddy was doing. Really really cool last day in the Sea of Cortez.
Just hanging out now, last few provisions and waiting for a weather window.
Vessel Name: True Companion
Vessel Make/Model: CSY44
Hailing Port: Darwin NT
Crew: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop

Who: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop
Port: Darwin NT