S/V True Companion CSY44

27 June 2014
06 June 2014 | Apia
20 May 2014 | Apia
14 May 2014 | Off Nuka Hiva
20 April 2014 | Taiohae
18 April 2014 | Marquesas
28 March 2014 | In the Blue
20 March 2014 | San Jose del Cabo
15 March 2014
10 March 2014 | Ensenada Los Muertos
09 March 2014
08 March 2014 | San Carlos

Night watch

28 March 2014 | In the Blue
2am and listening to ELO on the Walkman as I am on the aft deck mediating between Sara M and our fourth crew member Braidy. Now since leaving San Jose del Cabo these two have been on perfect terms, no arguments, in total agreement and harmony. Earlier today however something happened to change the relationship. The jib Halyard parted company at the masthead, now apparently this has caused a rift. You see we are running downwind under the square sail (makes me think of a viking boat) and to keep Sara nicely balanced we need the jib sheeted in tight on the centreline. This helps her stay true to course and not go off on a whim. As a quick fix till we get a calm enough spot to send the captain up the mast, we have rigged the storm jib on the staysail halyard which is working reasonably.
I think I've mentioned that Sara has no auto pilot, not to say she doesn't have self steering. That's where Braidy comes in, of course he really should be called Braidy Braidy, but we'll save that for when he does something foolish. Braidy is really twins, there's Braidy port and Braidy starboard. You may have guessed that our self steering is a balanced Sara and two pieces of double braid rope to lash the wheel when we find that sweet spot which is usually not too difficult. Braidy has looked after Sara and Alan this past couple of years very well.
I think my mediations and ELO 'sweet talking woman' might be having some effect so it's time to enjoy a bit of 'Smashing pumkins' while watching the underwater light show. It's quite spectacular this morning, not the phosphorescence in the wake that we've seen in the Sea. This is something underwater that sparks up as we go near, mostly just single flashes but sometimes your lucky enough to see a chain reaction that spreads out over a couple of m2, Pretty darn cool.
Vessel Name: True Companion
Vessel Make/Model: CSY44
Hailing Port: Darwin NT
Crew: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop

Who: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop
Port: Darwin NT