S/V True Companion CSY44

27 June 2014
06 June 2014 | Apia
20 May 2014 | Apia
14 May 2014 | Off Nuka Hiva
20 April 2014 | Taiohae
18 April 2014 | Marquesas
28 March 2014 | In the Blue
20 March 2014 | San Jose del Cabo
15 March 2014
10 March 2014 | Ensenada Los Muertos
09 March 2014
08 March 2014 | San Carlos

Random thoughts

18 April 2014 | Marquesas
There is endless amounts of time for all sorts of discussion while at sea, yet at the same time there are not enough hours in the days, I felt.
As an example.
I was wondering what the Boobies think. When they are cruising over the sea looking down. Do they ever think to themselves, geez I'm really hungry but I just don't want to get all wet again today. Or maybe they're worried about the water being too cold.
Then if they dive for a fish and miss, do they then think Crap now I got wet for nothing. Or Maybe they're worrying about how many more times today they are going to get wet.
Then, if they've missed a few times do they start to have some self doubts. Maybe as they spot the next meal they're starting to hesitate, worrying whether they should just wait and see if a dead certainty comes along or maybe the decide that if their odds are low they just play the percentage game and try as often as they can in the hope they'll get lucky early.
Who knows maybe they don't think about anything at all but I doubt it.

My other question is about Pelicans and Hells Angels.
You know when you see a Bikie cruising down the highway on a hot day with his legs out so the wind blows straight up his trouser legs.
Do you think that Pelicans when they are soaring along on a Hot day have the same idea.
Maybe their thinking Geez my nuts are a bit clammy, think I'll dangle the undercarriage for a bit, Get that breeze working for me. You just never know.
Vessel Name: True Companion
Vessel Make/Model: CSY44
Hailing Port: Darwin NT
Crew: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop
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Who: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop
Port: Darwin NT