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27 June 2014
06 June 2014 | Apia
20 May 2014 | Apia
14 May 2014 | Off Nuka Hiva
20 April 2014 | Taiohae
18 April 2014 | Marquesas
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20 March 2014 | San Jose del Cabo
15 March 2014
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09 March 2014
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Marquesas to Apia Samoa

20 May 2014 | Apia
A bird in the hand
Had a really cool thing happen this evening, just before I went to bed. We had watched an early evening movie 'My super Ex girlfriend', just before it finished I went on deck for a look around. It was very dark on deck but I saw by the stern light a small bird hovering. A couple of minutes later when the movie actually did finish I went back out and he was still there. I put out my arm and he came right in and gently landed on the back of my hand. With the slight roll of the boat he was soon off, but came right back again. Of course Alan doesn't have a camera with a flash and ours was down in the computer bag in our cabin. I tried to get him (the bird) to sit on the cabin top while I went for the camera but he took to the air again.
I retrieved the camera and got back on deck to find him sitting on the lifeline. I snapped a picture or two then offered my hand and he had no hesitation hopping on. COOL. Got another pic then he hopped/hovered back to the lifeline. He must have been a weary little adventurer, that's where I left him and headed for a rest myself. For lack of an better idea I'm going to say he was a Tern of some description.
Needless to say I went to bed with a smile on my face. Way cool.

We are on our 7th night out from Taiohae, the winds have been lighter the last 2 days, 8-10kts from the East. The stronger trades before that were still only to 15kts. Seas have been long and gentle. Sailing under the Square sail and jib out on the jury rigged bowsprit. Braidy has been doing a fine job with the just the occasional adjustment to make us feel like we are in control not him. Hahaha
Even with the lighter winds we have been doing 110 odd miles a day. 125 before that.

One thing I can definitely say about the Pacific, DON'T COUNT ON EATING FISH. Have caught nothing since we put that one back before Taiohae. No wonder Noddy had to land this evening, he was probably weak with hunger. Lucky for us we have Lamb Mmmmmm.
The South Pacific swells are just the most awesome Saphire blue topped off with blue skies and a few white fluffy clouds. I just don't tire of the view, everyday is Beautiful.
We have been 9 days out of Nuka Hiva and not seen another boat since leaving the anchorage. Until tonight, then we saw 2 in 4 hours. One sailing North and one South. Guessing their to and from Penryhn Island maybe. Penryhn is another of those places I'd like to visit on 'True Companion'. Mostly because I worked with a fellow from there a couple of years ago, but also I have spoken to a few cruisers who have been there and I just think that I would like to also. Might be a zig zag all over the Pacific to get this list ticked off I know.
Well, I have to confess that Today (Day 12) we finally caught a Tuna. We got a lovely fat yellow fin. Love these fish they taste sensational fresh in the pan with just a little butter. Tuna steaks tonight, Beautiful.

The Boobies are a frequent entertainment during the day. They are a very nosy bird, swooping around the rigging and in the early evening looking for a perch somewhere. Not too many of them actually make a touch down but we have plenty of flybys with the undercarriage down, only to break off at the last minute as Sara takes a rolling swipe at them. Even when there are several wheeling along the top of the waves the are silent, never hear a peep out of them. Of course there's always an exception. That is when they swing by the stern and fly into the fishing line they definitely swear in fine fashion.

Well I'll be buggered. After beautiful Tuna steaks for Tea tonight I was on deck at twilight. Not only did I haul in a big mackerel , but then , but then.
We had 2 Boobies flying around, I think the same pair as two nights before. One brownie speckly one and the other just starting to get a white belly. Well Whitey is a better flyer, at least a better lander anyhow. The other night he had several attempts and came quite close but didn't quite make it.
Tonight he was coming very close. He touched the spreaders but slipped off. Crashed into the Lazy jacks and fell in the water. So, inspired by my friend Noddy's landing of a few days ago, I stuck out my arm and on the third or fourth go round Whitey landed. He looked at me and grabbed my thumb then sat there for just long enough for me to yell to Alan to come up. We were not quite on speaking terms but he wasn't too fussed by my yell. Whitey fell off before Alan got there but As he was taking to the air I reached out and stroked his belly. It felt like wet rubber. Hahaha what a Beautiful week. Whitey came around again missed my arm and landed on the wheelhouse. Can't get rid of him now. When you try and move him on he has a sort of a croak. So they do speak sort of. I wonder if Whitey is going to be in trouble with the missus in the morning for staying out all night.
This morning finds laying a hull. We have 75Nm to go to reach Apia, seeing as we won't make that distance before nightfall we are slowed right down, still making 2.5kts in the general direction with no canvas up.
It's day 18 today and while it has been a great passage, I am really looking forward to getting to Samoa so that I can Skype my Gorgeous wife Nat and catch up to my eldest Son, Sean. Fishing lines are in and will be heading out to dinner with internet. Never though I'd be that cruiser for whom that's a major consideration but Hey.
Vessel Name: True Companion
Vessel Make/Model: CSY44
Hailing Port: Darwin NT
Crew: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop

Who: Gravel & Natalie Wardrop
Port: Darwin NT