Just Cruising

25 July 2011 | Bocas del Toro
03 June 2009 | Guaymas, Mexico
18 February 2009 | San Carlos, Mexico
19 January 2009 | Escondido
09 January 2009 | La Paz
21 December 2008 | Sea of Cortez/La Paz
25 November 2008 | La Paz
08 November 2008 | Cabo San Lucas
24 October 2008 | San Diego
18 October 2008 | Oxnard
08 October 2008 | Monterey
02 October 2008 | San Francisco
21 September 2008 | Newport Oregon
12 September 2008 | Port Townsend/Port Angeles
31 August 2008 | Seattle

In to the Caribbean

25 July 2011 | Bocas del Toro
We spent a year in the Sea of Cortez and then continued down the coast of Mexico and Central America with our buddy boats, Calypso (Hardin 45), Sapphire (Mason 43_) and Rhumb Line a 50ft Rainier Cat which was dismasted outside of Sumara, CR and had to be shipped to Ft. Lauderdale for repairs. We completed the Panama Canal transit and put Trumpeter to bed in Bocas, Panama after visiting the San Blas Islands. Then it was off to Florida to look in on my dear sweet mom and here we are in Lakeland, USA


03 June 2009 | Guaymas, Mexico
We just completed 3 mos. on the hard in Guaymas and we're now back in the water and headed north up further into the sea of cortez. Guaymas has been a learning experience and we have had some great support here at Singlar Marina the best here.


18 February 2009 | San Carlos, Mexico
After an overnight crossing, this has been our first full day of catching up...so here we are emailing, skyping family etc. etc..and don't forget the laundry. We motor sailed from Bahia Conception with mixed weather but mostly calm after receiving the local weather forcast on the curisers net...thank goodness for Gary in Bahia Burro..We made new friends on Kaladan, Blue Moon, Mandan, did a lot of beach combing and exploring..so on to new territory...later.

Futher North

19 January 2009 | Escondido
Thor/ Overcast/ Rain!
Okay, a little bit of rain..sprinkes in fact here in Escondido. We did some hiking up in the canyons yesterday..lots of bugs, snakes and even saw a tarantula...Peeps was freaked! She fell and wrenched her knee. We anchored in Prieta point and Aqua Verde after leaving La Paz. Will be off to check out some of the many other islands here in the Loreto area.

Happy New Year

09 January 2009 | La Paz
I spent Christmas in La Paz. Peeps went to Seattle (snow&cold) and lots of bad weather. She made it back okay and we spent New Years with friends in La Paz. I'll take the 80deg weather anytime. We're expecting a blow today then probably head back up to the islands and points further north. We've just been kickin' it since we got back at Palmira Marina and restocking the boat. The trip out to the airport at Cabo was a three hour drive each way but had some beautiful scenery. Keep an eye out for stray cattle...yes bovines. Lots of 'em. Best to all for the upcoming year...TG

Return to La Paz

21 December 2008 | Sea of Cortez/La Paz
Thor/excellent wx
We got back from a trip to the "Sea" two days ago..beautiful trip. Waited out one big blow in San Evaristo for four days along with a few other cruisers. The landscape is very rugged. You have to see it to appreciate it. We caught four bonito and had fresh fish for dinner.
Everisto has a little tienda (store) that had a few provisions so we helped the local economy out. Our farthest point north was Puerto Los Gatos. Every anchorage is unique and beautiful.
Vessel Name: Trumpeter
Vessel Make/Model: Irwin 43, Mk III
Hailing Port: Seattle/Harbor Or.
Crew: Anna, boat fluff, Peepsy
About: She's great!
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Who: Anna, boat fluff, Peepsy
Port: Seattle/Harbor Or.