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Special Events

13 July 2014 | Lamen Bay, Epi, Vanuatu
Barbara/ Blue sky and sunshine
Marking special events in this blog.
Happy Birthday to Katie, 21 today! Hope that you have a great day and year and that new flat, course and job all work out well. We are very proud of your determination to ensure that you are doing what you really want to do. You will make a great nurse, whatever environment you end up working in.
Second special event has just passed…our first 100 days living on the boat. We marked the occasion in Lamen Bay, Epi, Vanuatu and were fortunate to swim with lots of turtles, but also swam, with the most amazing creature, the dugong. Look them up if you haven’t seen them. We followed one along as it hoovered up the sea grass, surrounded by a group of fish waiting to eat up any creatures he disturbed. Quite amazing!
So, reflecting on 100 days so far. Having left the security of familiarity behind – weekend sailing to Adele and Croiselles and occasionally venturing into the Marlborough Sounds, we have sailed over 2500nm. We have visited 8 tropical islands so far, met lots of amazing people –those cruising and the locals – and have a lifetime worth of stories and memories saved up.
What have we learned?
A lot about sailing, secure in the knowledge that we are in a well-found and much admired boat, which has carried us safely this far in any number of sea conditions. The versatility of a ketch allows a range of options of sail plans to suit all winds and sea states and Tuarangi always lets us know when we have got it right! The new staysail is worth its weight in gold and the work that Paul did on the genoa has been well tested. Thanks again, Paul!
Patience and tolerance…as stated earlier, making sure everything has a place and is put back there. Stowing before even the shortest of passage. Living in a small space requires understanding and well done Katie and Angus…no-one was made to walk the plank at midnight, despite some hot and trying conditions!
We are relishing the new challenges and opportunities that come our way. Taking the time to speak to everyone, from the man you are sheltering under a shop awning with during a tropical downpour, to the captain of the superyacht anchored next to us. Everyone is interesting, interested and adds to the whole experience.
Telecommunications are tricky, e.g. the 60 day 2GB package we bought that stopped after 30 days. Returning to the shop, I questioned this and was told that it only lasted 30 days…and the teller crossed out the 60 days on the brochure and wrote 30 days and then told me that I should be happy because she had told me! I did point out that I would have been happier had she mentioned this when I bought it! However, a couple of calls to Customer Services later, we now have our extra data!
We have also learned that one thing leads to another. Several sayings have become banned such as
“I think there’s a puff of wind out there” – just before we hit sustained 30knts
“It’s only a shower” – preceding two days of torrential rain and much baling of the dinghy
“It doesn’t look too bad out there” – just before hitting 2m breakers on the nose going round Devil’s Point.
“This wine’s on special at only 670 vatus…must be a good buy” – enough said
“We are only sailing 10 miles, there’s no need to stow as if on passage” – crash, bang, slide.
What do we miss?
Family and friends. Great to catch up with Katie and Angus and talk occasionally on the phone to people, when we get a signal. Apologies for the times you can hear nothing or you hear only ..…second…..
A bed you can get out of both sides of
And I wouldn’t say that it is an issue, but the offer of a hot shower and clean white fluffy bath towels would be hard to ignore!
Still, we are maintaining high levels of cleanliness and the solar shower works a treat.
We are off for dinner tonight on ‘Rotor’ crewed by Eva and Geiza from Hungary. More new experiences to discover and stories to share.
Bring on the next 100 days!
Vessel Name: Tuarangi
Vessel Make/Model: William Atkins Ingrid
Hailing Port: Nelson
Crew: Simon and Barbara Graves
About: From Nelson. New Zealand and formerly the Isle of Muck.
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