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Townsville to Cairns

20 June 2007 | Cairns Marina
Townsville to Cairns
19th June 2007
We are now in the Cairns Marina after a quick trip from Townsville. We left Townsville on a sunny morning,( haven't seen another one since), to sail to the Palm Islands. The 35 mile day sail was very pleasant and we were anchored by 4 o'clock. The wind was starting to blow up and the night was a bit unsettling as the wind and tide were at odds with each other. The loud Saturday night music from ashore entertained us when we got up to check the anchor.
At least we didn't have to have too early a start to Townsville, we worked out that if we left at 8am we would be at Cairns late morning, as it turned out we could have had a much longer sleep in. With a poled out mainsail for most of the day, we rocketed along until on dark we reduced sail to slow down. The way we were going we would arrive in the middle of the night, well we did slow a little and arrived off Cairns at 5am, still pitch black. We tucked Talitha just around the corner off a headland, put the anchor down and got a couple of hours sleep.
All the way up the coast we could see the rain onshore, we caught up with it at Cairns, we woke up to solid rain, time to move out of the rolly wet anchorage an into the marina. The Tropical north seems to have taken a holiday from being tropical. Large parts of Australia may be in drought but the locals here say they have been well over the rainy cool weather months ago.
Those large ships anchored off ports up the coast were there again on this trip, not during daylight of course, ooh no nothing so easy, as soon as night descends lights appear, on goes the radar, the discussion about which are moving and which ships are not begins. This time off Port Mourilyan, a sugar port there they were. The anchored ships were well off our course, the moving ones were a different story. Several monsters passed us, keeping an eye on their lights to determine if they are going to slide down beside us or whether the ship is coming for us and we alter course is a skill Jean has just semi accomplished.

Cruising is about the places, the new tastes and smells, the sailing, the maintenance and mostly about the people met along the way, friendships made. John Derrett ,from Mistral, who helped us so much at Townsville, with our computer problems and giving us a ride in the pouring rain to get our groceries. A new friendship made.

Sadly we have to say farewell to our good friend Jack Sweeney who passed away last Week, a friend made while cruising in Vanuatu and the Solomon Is in 1992. Jack was cruising in his yacht Lawhill and we were in Sousa with the kids. Jack was saying that they had no oats for his breakfast porridge and as porridge was not that popular in Vanuatu he couldnt find any to buy. We had plenty on board so the next morning, Sarah and Andrew rowed over with a bowl of hot porridge with brown sugar and milk. We have been great friends ever since.
He was a great story teller, although at times exasperating, as being a typical Scotsman his stories meandered to and fro until he eventually got to the point of the story, always well worth the wait. Alan was always asking for the short version.

Back in Auckland Jack could always be relied upon to help Alan out with a difficult repair problem on the boat usually with help where to get parts, lending the odd tools and books. He was especially good with moral support, a story to distract from the job at hand and help with the cup of tea and apricot square at the end of the job or day whichever came first.
We will be using the charts he gave us over the next few months, so we hope where ever Jack is he sends fair winds our way.

Vessel Name: Tuatara
Vessel Make/Model: Alan Wright 51
Hailing Port: Opua NZ
Crew: Alan and Jean Ward

Sailing in the Pacific

Who: Alan and Jean Ward
Port: Opua NZ