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21 April 2012 | Chacala
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21 April 2012 | Chacala
We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Okay...It's been a while...err....four months...since my last entry. Too much fresh air and sunshine, I guess!

Thanks to all of you who have, at first, been worried... and then been pains in the arses, regarding the lack of entries. Long story short, no!, we haven't yet reached the "thar be dragons!" portion of the journey.

We are currently at anchor in Zihuatanejo. A town so nice... but you can't spell it twice. The weather is absolutely gorgeous and we've decided to take a vacation from our vacation. After some demanding globe trotting on Paul's part, we're able to push back and say simply, ahhhhhh. We're taking up various small projects and tasks, and for me that includes updating the facts and fictions of our lives over the past few months.

When I last blogged, you read and saw the photos from our time in Matanchen Bay. Our next stop down the Mainland Mexico coast was absolutely fantastic, a great sail to a little bay and town called Chacala.

I've added a photo album with some text to share our time in Chacaaaaahhhhla. Over on the right side of the page ----> you'll see a section where you can click for the albums link. It was a beautiful place, and we were able to spend our time with beautiful people. Cielo, a woman from Chacala, is proprietor of a massage therapy studio and shares responsibilities in her family's fantastic restaurant and hotel. Her food, friendship and fabulous fingers helped make Chacahhhla THE fabulosity central. Other sailors co-creating a great experience included the crews of s/v Anon; s/v Bella Star; s/v Buena Vida; and s/v Murar's Dream.

Enjoy the photos.

What? What's that? Why yes! Of course we had to break out the hot tub, how else could this anchorage achieve the rank of Fabulosity Central?

I'll work toward more updates soon!

Vessel Name: TugTub
Vessel Make/Model: Irwin 43
Hailing Port: Long Beach, CA USA
Crew: Paul West, Pamela Stone
About: Nov 2012 marks the beginning of our third cruising year. Year 1: We left CA with the Baja HaHa for Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez. Year 2: We explored Mainland Pacific Mexico. Year 3: We think will be Central America...and then what??

Who: Paul West, Pamela Stone
Port: Long Beach, CA USA