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Marelube, the 5200 of lubricants

07 July 2016
The late Bill Mosher, Forespar sales manager, handed me several samples of Marelube, "Tell me what you think of this stuff." It saddens me that I can't report to Bill but I would like to give my report after using Marelube on Uproar for our first year of cruising.

I call it the 5200 of lubes because it is very effective but you need to use it sparingly or you might end up wearing it.

There are two formulas that I used. One was 45% Teflon and the other a syringe called "valve lube." I immediately used the 45% for rigging turnbuckles. I know lanolin is commonly used for this but lanolin does oxidize with time. That Teflon doesn't go away. I talked with a rigger at the Annapolis boat show and he was all in favor of Marelube on turnbuckles. Use it sparingly and wipe up the excess. It definitely has some hang time!

I'm going to list other uses. I'll use "45" for the high test stuff and "std" for the regular valve lube.

Std is great for Acetone or other metal, screw can tops. How often have you had to use vice grips to remove the cap and distort it in the process. A little std on the threads end this problem.

I had one deck cap for waste seize to where it just wouldn't open. I replaced the whole fitting and used 45 on all of the other deck caps for fresh water, waste and fuel. Problem solved.

Propane bottles for the grill are low grade steel. I broke one regulator when the bottle was seized on the regulator threads. Std solved the problem. I refill my small propane bottles. To keep the threads working, they get a coating of std.

Squeaky gooseneck or boom strut fittings can keep you up at night. Std or 45 on the working parts quiets them.

Snap shackle pins and pelican hooks can be hard to work under load. Std on the pins really makes them slick. I also use std on my screw pin shackle threads.

Speaking of threads, any time you assemble something with threads, consider a coat of std. I use it on plumbing compression fittings to reduce friction and get them tight without stripping the threads.

Any latches interior or exterior can use some std to work smoothly. You may even prevent a breakage from excessive force.

Outboard motor mounting clamps can get really foul. I keep them screwing with 45. That outboard motor lock doesn't get worked very often. Fill the key slot with std from the syringe and it may just work next time you need to remove the motor. I'm sorry to report that our Master Lock outboard lock was useless after 3 months in salt water. We now have a stainless steel Motor Loc that is beautifully made and works well.

You get the idea. Keep a syringe or tub of Marelube handy. It will prevent problems and make life aboard go just a little more smoothly.

Vessel Name: Tumultuous Uproar
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 42s7
Hailing Port: Milwaukee, WI
Crew: Russ Whitford & Lisa Alberte plus Sophie our Jack Russell Terrier
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