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A Day of Life Aboard Uproar

03 February 2017
Not sure this is a typical day, they are all different. But this may give a glimpse into the life aboard.

8:00 woke up, battery was low so I started the engine and engaged the watermaker. Lisa was up earlier, sent Sophie out to do her business.

8:30 gathered tools to replace the fuel bulb, fuel lines, fuel filter and carb cleaning on Merc 15hp 4 stroke outboad. Lisa made tea and scones for breakfast. Yum!

10:00 finished work on the outboard, shut off engine, shut down watermaker, took a swim/shower.

10:30 Changed propane tanks so we could refill second tank. Emptied last jerry can into diesel tank.

11:00 Lisa, Sophie and I went to shore, dropped off propane tank and filled jerry can with gas for dinghy. Sophie had a good poop.

12:00 Lisa and I loaded snorkeling gear into dinghy to explore the sites between Champagne Beach and Scots Head. Snorkeled two beautiful spots. On the way to the third, engine crapped out. Disassembled the carb and found the last piece of crap in the main jet. Cleaned and got underway. Scots Head Reef was fantastic. Big Mutton Snappers and other cool fish. Very steep drop off which is a little spookie.

1:00 Saw three dolphins in Scots Head Bay.

2:00 Went to Bubble Beach, Soufrierre, area where hot springs form a natural hot tub. I was a bit cold from the snorkeling. Lisa wore her wetsuit. We lounged there for about an hour. Buried 4 eggs in the sand under one of the springs, hoping for hard boiled. I got too hot but Lisa was still in natural hot tub land. I walked the beach, met a Russian guy who lives there. He told me about the village, hikes, snorkeling and fishing. He told me I could leave my dinghy anywhere, there is no crime.

2:30 Bought two fried chicken thighs and two beers, $7 USD. Ate it on the beach with Lisa.

3:30 Dinghied the 3 miles back to Uproar. On the way we waived to a guy swimming to his skiff. He motioned to us. We went to him and offered him a ride to his skiff. He was grateful. I told him, “We tied off on your skiff two days ago when I needed to clean my carburetor, I owe you a favor.” I told him he could climb in or I could tow him. He just wanted me to tow him. Couple hundred yards. He was going to fish for Red Snapper. We wished him luck. Proceeded to Uproar.

4:00 Dropped Lisa off and dinghied to gas station to pick up propane tank. Went three places to try to find it. One lady made a phone call and determined it was in the locked marine store. She said she could open the shop for me but I said I would just return tomorrow. Stopped at local bakery to buy bread, $.70 USD.

5:00 Returned to Uproar. Set the wet money from my swimming suit on cockpit table, put coins on top. Went for another swim/shower. Got two Duck quarters out of freezer for dinner.

5:30 Lisa called out, “Hey, there is money floating in the water!” It was one of the bills I was drying, $100 EC ($38 USD)! I was clean and dry or I would have swum for it. Fired up the dinghy and retrieved the cash!

5:45 Tried to get on internet. No go. Made ti punch and started this blog. Pretty sure I heard a cork being extracted from a bottle of French Chardonnay. To be continued, joining Lisa in cockpit for olives and local bread. Watching sunset.

6:15 No green flash, too hazy on the horizon. Still blew the conch horn as the sun set. Waived and talked with a boat near us, “Cape Crusader” from Montreal. He said he saw us in Le Marin. We told him we loved his boat name. He said, “I almost bought a boat like yours from Chicago, it was named Marguerite.” We were in shock, Uproar is the former Marguerite from Chicago! He told us our friends from Pinnacle are going to arrive tomorrow. We have been waiting for them. He said he will go to Portsmouth on Saturday. We told him we will leave on Sunday. He said, “There is a big party Sunday, don't miss it.” Looks like we are going north on Saturday. We invited him over tomorrow. Guess we will learn his name then.

6:30: Time to cook that duck! Lisa has the Ipod on shuffle of all our songs. I just heard “Alleluia Chorus” followed by “I want a rich, dumb, young, nymphomaniac.” I'm not making this up!

7:00 Duck quarters have been well seared. Duck, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, thyme, soy, orange juice, red wine, salt, pepper, season peppers (local peppers that look like Scotch Bonnets but are mild) plunked into the Le Cruset in oven. Will be done around 8. Mix of Abba and reggae on Ipod.

7:15 Hendrix, “Hear My Train A'Comin!” Turning it up!

7:30 Reggae version of “Candle in the Wind.” It is really good too. Duck smells fantastic.

7:45 Called Tom Heinrich about their visit in March, in Guadeloupe. It will be a good time.

8:00 Tucked into duck. Not an euphemism. The duck was great. Next time, more duck fat, confit before roasting. Left over Bel Air, Saint Emilion, 2011 paired well.

8:30 Lisa served Uproar sundae for desert. Trader Joe's 72% dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter!

9:00 This is cruiser's midnight. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Will read or watch a Horatio Hornblower video. Bon nuit!

Middle-of-the-night: Got up to...check the mooring lines. Hey, I'm 62. Saw the brightest shooting star streak straight down toward the west horizon. Wish and prayer for my OFB, (old flying buddy) Gordy, suffering from cancer.

Vessel Name: Tumultuous Uproar
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 42s7
Hailing Port: Milwaukee, WI
Crew: Russ Whitford & Lisa Alberte plus Sophie our Jack Russell Terrier
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