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Velocette Part 2, Jean Francois Masset, my design partner

12 November 2021
Russ Whitford
I took both of the naval architecture courses offered at Purdue when I was in engineering school. I can loft lines from a table of offsets and do a few other mathematical tricks but that is the extent of my expertise. Certainly, none of this was done with computers.

Jean Francois Masset from Nice, France, kindly offered to help me with the design of Velocette. I had no idea just how much work he was going to put into this project. JF and I discussed the parameters at length and in no time, he was submitting designs complete with hydrostatic calculations.

I've not met JF yet but hope to when we sail to the Med. We have enjoyed an email relationship for 1 ½ years. Yes, we started the project in April of 2020! During these difficult times, JF and I would share our experiences and hopes for an end to the pandemic. JF lamented that he could no longer enjoy his outdoor and cafe life in the beautiful town of Nice. At that time, we were quarantined on Uproar, prohibited from leaving the boat unless we had a written form that fit the requirements for travel.

Let me tell you more about my partner in the Velocette project in his own words

I am 70 years old, and retired since 2017.
I am a graduated engineer from Ecole Centrale Nantes (1975), with a specialization in naval architecture, ocean engineering and advanced naval hydrodynamics.
I firstly worked 3 years for the oil and gas offshore industry, then 3 years in a shipbuilding yard (aluminium allow structures for hydrofoilers) and finally 34 years for Ifremer, the french research institute for the sea, firstly for model tests of offshore platforms and air cushion catamarans in towing tank and wave basin, then for the development of sub-sea instruments, vehicles and sea-floor stations.
Since my retirement, I dedicate my new free time to naval architecture of sailing yachts (with the support of close friends who bring me their experiences as sailors and their expertise in hydrodynamics) and to the development of Gene-Hull spreadsheet applications for early stage design of sailboats, dinghies, canoës, catamarans, for examples :
Dolfino - 7m classic keelboat for daysailing | Boat Design Net
Dolfi 10 m (32,4') : a modern daysailer to enjoy classic sailing | Boat Design Net
Dolfi 37 classic daysailer | Boat Design Net
Dolfi R&S, a rowing/sailing for quiet balads in inland and coastal waters | Boat Design Net
The last version 3.2 of Gene-Hull sailboat, just posted a week ago :
Gene-Hull Sailboat 3.2 version + post-applications Stab and VPP | Boat Design Net

My sailing experience : dinghys (mostly 470 in the 60's when I was in my teen years) , racing and cruising on various sailboats (70's and 80's), I was owner of a 9m sailboat with which we did cruisings off European Atlantic coasts : Ireland, UK, France and Spain. Now I sail very little, occasionally on ships of friends, but my passion for the naval architecture of sailboats is intact, and my current works an opportunity to maintain active my neurones ! Within Boatdesign.net where I post my works, I also participate to some threads with the pseudo « Dolfiman ».

How lucky I am to have partnered with Jean Francois. Just wait until you see examples of his work in Velocette Part 3.
Vessel Name: Tumultuous Uproar
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 42s7
Hailing Port: Milwaukee, WI
Crew: Russ Whitford & Lisa Alberte plus Sophie our Jack Russell Terrier
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