Turning Left, Heading South

03 November 2012 | San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
02 November 2012 | San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
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03 December 2011 | San Carlos, MX
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05 November 2011 | San Carlos, MX
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03 November 2011 | San Carlos, MX
02 November 2011 | San Carlos, MX
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Los Muertos

08 February 2011 | Baja Mexico

We've just arrived in Ensenada de Los Muertos. We left Lobos, just outside La Paz, about 7am and motor sailed the whole way. The seas were flat calm, sometimes glassy, sometimes with little wavelets from a bit of wind. Along the way we made water and of course with the engine running that meant we had hot water and that means SHOWERS! And, since we still had a ways to go the watermaker made up what we used. There was just enough breeze that the sail added a knot or so to our speed, but not enough breeze that we could have gone on pure sail and still arrived here before dark. About half way here we heard a loud whooshing sound, looked up with a start and saw a humpback whale about 150' off our starboard quarter. We slowed down, rushed around to find the camera. He surfaced a couple more times but nothing we could take a picture of. We saw lots of skip jack tuna jumping all around the boat and we managed to catch two of them but released them because their meat is icky. Even so it was kind of nice to get a little action out of our fishing gear. On the headland as we enter the bay we were again surprised by the magnificent homes that have been built in this remote area. We took a few pictures and if they come out ok we'll send them as soon as we have regular email again. (Our new antenna is showing 16 sites but they are all encrypted. When we go into the restaurant they might give us a password.) Around noon we were surprised to hear someone calling us on the VHF radio. It was our friends Ken & Linde on Rosebud. They had just left Muertos this morning after having been stuck here in strong northerly winds for over a week. It would have been fun to catch up with them, maybe we'll see them on the other side. As we were rounding the headlands to enter the bay we were visited by what we are pretty sure was a pilot whale. He surfaced six times or so and seemed to be following us but he stayed 200' off. We've pretty much got the anchorage to ourselves. So far there's just one big sport fishing boat on a mooring ball and there's another sailboat just entering the bay.

We plan to be here a few days. The weather forecast is calling for strong northerly winds on Thursday and this is a good place to wait that out. Tomorrow we'll take the dink into the beach for a hike and dinner on shore. It's sunny and over 70 degrees with just enough clouds to make a beautiful sunset.

Hope you are all well and happy,
Jeff & Janie
Vessel Name: Adagio
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon
Crew: Jeff and Jane Woodward

SV Adagio

Who: Jeff and Jane Woodward
Port: Portland, Oregon