East Coast Adventure and Return of the Tweener

Headed West Key West

Newfound Harbor-Key West
June 15, 2021

After our initial weather earlier in the evening, it was a very quiet night. Our disappointment for our stop over at Key West was the slip we had reserved has been cancelled. We called and spoke...

Headed West Newfound Harbor

Bahia Honda-Newfound Harbor
June 14, 2021

Left Bahia Honda about 0830 thinking we were going to have settled weather. We had a couple of overnight rains with outflow wind from thunderstorms. It was a little rough getting out of the...

Headed West Bahia Honda

Long Key Bight-Bahia Honda
June 13, 2021

We assumed we would be the first to depart the anchorage but sat drinking coffee as three boats left before us. All the departing boats had dive gear on them with many people aboard so we assumed...

Headed South Key Largo

Coconut Grove-Key Largo
June 11,2021

Left the mooring field about 0730 to go into a slip for water and a pump-out before we head south. As usual getting into a slip was hellish with us getting turned sideways in the slip.

Headed South Coconut Grove (Dinner Key)

University Cove-Dinner Key
June 9, 2021

Today we are "taking our sweet treasure home", to quote Jimmy Buffett. We bought this Hurricane Andrew damaged boat in 1994. We were visiting my sister in Ft Lauderdale and took a trip to Coconut...

Headed South University Cove N. Miami

Ft Lauderdale-University Cove
June 8, 2021

Three days in Ft Lauderdale and the repair to the holding tank successful, we are now ready to leave this concrete jungle and run the bridge gauntlet. We had first thought we would anchor for...

Headed South Ft. Lauderdale

Sunrise Bay-Las Olas Marina, Ft Lauderdale
June 5, 2021

Thank goodness, only one bridge opening and 1.5 miles before we reach the marina. We have been up every night between 0200-0300 closing-up because of overnight rain. After...

Headed South Sunrise, FL

Boca Raton-Sunrise
June 4, 2021

Once again, we were awakened during the early morning hours by a rain shower. We were forced to close down the boat. We open d it again a few hours later o lay to have to close it down again. Finally...

Headed South West Palm-Boca Raton

West Palm-Boca Raton
June 3, 2021

We have gotten into a weather pattern where we have a storm come through every night between 3-4am. The only air through the boat comes from open hatches and ports. These overnight storms are...

Headed South West Palm Beach

June 2, 2021
West Palm Beach

Today was a day we aside to go ashore to restock, visit with our friend, explore the area, and have dinner ashore. We decided this would best be accomplished by taking the big boat to the dock instead of...