East Coast Adventure and Return of the Tweener

Headed South On to Savanah, GA

Next stop: Savannah

April 10, 2021

Quiet overnight. Early morning start to make our 51 miles to Savannah. My treatment with the permethrin and closing the cockpit seemed to have deterred our little flying biting critters. Now...

Headed South Leaving Charleston


April 8, 2021

Left Charleston City Marina this morning at 0915, timing our departure to get to the Wappoo Creek Bridge for the 0930 opening. We were happy to leave the Marina behind us. We feared if we stayed longer the...

Headed South Charleston, SC

Next Stop: Charleston

April 6, 2021

Up at first before first light which for us is getting to be like sleeping in. Timing our departure to get through the Ben Sawyer Bridge, no openings between 7-9 then on demand after those...

Headed South Georgetown, SC

Georgetown and Beyond
April 5, 2021
Quiet night at anchor with barely a whisper of wind. However, the current ripped through at 2 knots. We are having to adjust to the conditions in these waters after 5 years on the eastern shore. The tidal...

Headed South Little River Inlet, SC

Little River Inlet

April 4, 2021
Left our anchorage at first lightheaded out the Little River Inlet. The forecast calls for warmer weather, sunshine, and light winds from the SW. No problem getting out the cut. Very well marked....

Headed South St. James, SC

South Carolina St. James, SC

April 3rd, 2021
Sometimes you just get lucky! We had no idea what to expect from St James Marina. The price per ft was extremely affordable but given our circumstance we had little choice. We found St James...

Headed South Fear River, NC

Facing the Fear
April 2, 2021
The temperature in the boat cabin this morning, 53 degrees. Outside temperature is 38 degrees but feels like 27 due to the north winds gusting 16-23 mph. It is going to be a wonderful day for boating.

Headed South Carolina Beach, NC

Carolina Beach

April 1, 2021
Very quiet overnight. A little chilly this morning. Dressed in all my warm clothes again. At the rate we’re going I may not get out of sweats until summer.
The boats in the mooring field are all...

Headed South Wrightsville, NC

Carolina Beach
March 31, 2021
Overnight was quiet. A gentle breeze kept the cabin temp cool. You could hear the ocean through the open ports. Feeling the gentle rocking, the sound of the ocean, and the beautiful sunrise and sunsets reminds me...

Headed South Open Water

Open Water

March 30, 2021

Wake at 0100. Pushing off from the dock by 0230. Water in the Marina glassy, winds calm, temp about 60. Dramamine already taken because I have a feeling I am being baited.
The first swells...