Kingston to Bahamas and back again:)

16 June 2015 | Kingston, Ontario
31 May 2015 | NYC
21 May 2015 | Portsmouth, Virginia
17 May 2015 | Oriental, North Carolina
09 May 2015 | Georgetown, South Carolina
23 April 2015 | Fort Pierce, FL
07 April 2015 | HopeTown, Elbow Cay, Bahamas
30 March 2015 | Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera
26 March 2015 | Nassau, New Providence Island
20 March 2015 | Staniel Cay
19 March 2015 | Stanial Cay
11 March 2015 | Emerald Marina
03 March 2015 | Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahama
02 March 2015 | Long Island, Bahamas
23 February 2015 | George Town, Great Exuma
16 February 2015 | Calabash Bay, Long Island
07 February 2015 | Stocking Island, Exuma
01 February 2015 | Elizabeth Cay, Exuma
26 January 2015 | George town, exuma

Merry Christmas!

29 December 2014 | Coral Harbor, New Providence Island
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Thank you so much for all the emails, comments and messages. We really appreciate hearing from all of you especially at this time of year. Getting Internet has been more difficult than expected. We frequently are able to get email but thats about it. So we are able to read comments etc but have difficulty answering.
We have been having a very wonderful time in the Exumas. The weather has been perfect and the company even better.
It was a nice xmas. Different, even strange, if Jasper hadn't joined us it wouldn't have felt like christmas at all. I think its mainly the climate. Not what we are used to. Santa did find his way to the boat as did our Elf. Eva was very excited christmas morning, we opened present outside in the cockpit had cooffee and a nice breakfast. The boats in the anchorage at Normans all converged on a beach for christmas potluck dinner. It was delicious!! all kinds of dishes and lots of kids running around.
Jasper's visit was very fun. After picking him up at Normans and we did lots fishing, hunting and conching. We even made it down to Hawksbill cay for some drift snorkeling. Very cool! you drift with a strong out going tide through the cut in the islands. The depth varies from a few feet to maybe 30 or so feet. Kind of spooky lighting and always a chance of meeting large predators swimming in the current. The best we could do was some big Barracuda.
All to soon is was time to take Jas back to Nassau for his flight home. Not before a short stop at Allans to see the lizards and then across the Bahama Bank to Coral harbor. Jasper made his flightand we will miss him. It was a great visit. We have picked up new crew, Monika and Braydon. In the morning we head south

Happy New Year !!!

Ps new pics in the gallery
Vessel Name: SHEILA
Vessel Make/Model: Amel, Sharki
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Crew: Tom, Tracy and Eva
About: Respiratory Therapists "taking a breather" from life in Ktown Our beautiful daughter Eva will be 4 when we leave in September 2014 and she is currantly training to be a Pirate! Yarrr! or Elsa from the movie Frozen she can't decide yet.
Extra: The preparations for this trip have been long and hopefully well thought out! Please stay tunned for the rest of our story!
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Me trying to run to make it in the picture with Tom and Eva cheering for me "come on mommy, come on!!!!"
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Who: Tom, Tracy and Eva
Port: Kingston, Ontario, Canada