Kingston to Bahamas and back again:)

16 June 2015 | Kingston, Ontario
31 May 2015 | NYC
21 May 2015 | Portsmouth, Virginia
17 May 2015 | Oriental, North Carolina
09 May 2015 | Georgetown, South Carolina
23 April 2015 | Fort Pierce, FL
07 April 2015 | HopeTown, Elbow Cay, Bahamas
30 March 2015 | Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera
26 March 2015 | Nassau, New Providence Island
20 March 2015 | Staniel Cay
19 March 2015 | Stanial Cay
11 March 2015 | Emerald Marina
03 March 2015 | Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahama
02 March 2015 | Long Island, Bahamas
23 February 2015 | George Town, Great Exuma
16 February 2015 | Calabash Bay, Long Island
07 February 2015 | Stocking Island, Exuma
01 February 2015 | Elizabeth Cay, Exuma
26 January 2015 | George town, exuma


16 February 2015 | Calabash Bay, Long Island
The New England area is getting hammered, but once the storm moves off the coast, then what? Well for the Bahamas, we get wind and waves. Really big waves!!!
Tracy's mom and dad have been down here for a while and the weather has been most often windy. Ray had agreed to the idea of going somewhere on an overnight sail. After several days of very high wind, an opportunity presented itself. Calm winds but an ocean state with very large swells. This would be are only chance to get out of Georgetown to sail, fish and stay overnight somewhere and get back in time for them to leave.
The waves were a major concern. Sleeping would be difficult. It would be a safe trip but only if the crew was prepared.
Ray and I discussed the issues. He reminded me that we had an abundance of Rum and that he was from Renfrew.
We left in the early morning hours as some large waves were breaking over the reef.
Peril and fortune sat side by side as faced the oncoming>>>> Blah Blah we made it out through the cut!! It all worked, but it was a tense, exciting 20 minutes or so.

I was expecting big swells, /waves out on the ocean once we cleared the cut.... But Wow the ride out was truly spectacular. Huge breaking waves on the reefs beside us 12, 15 maybe 20 ft hard to say but those waves were big!! Once we arrived at the deep water channel it got better. Out through the cut (deep water channel) was a snap and after the crazy white water of the coast the deep ocean was cool beans!
The ocean swells were nothing short of spectacular. In the deep water a 4 meter wave feels like a long soft rise on the road. It's a strange feeling to sail up hill for 5, 10, 15 seconds and then slide down the other side like you would with a snow bank on your way home from school as a kid.
The water goes from Blue to Bluer to a 2000ft Blue that's almost purple. You have to stare down into it for while to really believe what your seeing. About 6 miles out both rods went out with a zinnnnnnnng!!!!
I hear that sound in my sleep know. So much excitement!. A double header! We could see both fish were Mahi's as they dove and jumped behind the boat. A sailboat is not an easy place to land a big fish, especially in the open ocean with big swells. We managed to get one on board a 10lb Mahi. We hooked another on our way there it was big!! Fought it for abour 15 min and then snap it was gone. This fish are so strong you can't force then in that's for sure.
Sleeping on anchor at Calabash Bay Long Island was bordering on impossible. The boat rocked and rolled all night. With no lights in sight at least the stars were spectacular.
The trip home was great! We sailed along at decent speed and then Zinnnng again! Ray was up and it was a big fish. This time we new we had to patient and take our time. After just under an hour we had the fish on board. A 46 inch Mahi that weighed in at round 30 lbs. So much fun and so yummy!!!
Few new pictures in the photo gallery:)
Vessel Name: SHEILA
Vessel Make/Model: Amel, Sharki
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Crew: Tom, Tracy and Eva
About: Respiratory Therapists "taking a breather" from life in Ktown Our beautiful daughter Eva will be 4 when we leave in September 2014 and she is currantly training to be a Pirate! Yarrr! or Elsa from the movie Frozen she can't decide yet.
Extra: The preparations for this trip have been long and hopefully well thought out! Please stay tunned for the rest of our story!
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Me trying to run to make it in the picture with Tom and Eva cheering for me "come on mommy, come on!!!!"
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Who: Tom, Tracy and Eva
Port: Kingston, Ontario, Canada