Kingston to Bahamas and back again:)

25 October 2014 | Oriental, NC
25 October 2014 | Great Bridge, VG
22 October 2014 | Browns Bay
19 October 2014 | Deltaville, Virginia
17 October 2014
16 October 2014 | Solomans Maryland
14 October 2014 | Solomans Maryland
14 October 2014 | Solomans Maryland
07 October 2014 | Cape May, New Jersey
03 October 2014 | NYC
01 October 2014 | Sandy Hook, NJ
25 September 2014
24 September 2014
23 September 2014 | Catskill, NY.
21 September 2014 | Waterford New York
20 September 2014 | Scotia, NY.
17 September 2014 | Brewerton, NY
03 September 2014
30 August 2014 | Trident Yacht club

Home Sweet Home!!

16 June 2015 | Kingston, Ontario
After NYC we pushed hard up the Hudson and in to Catskill NY. Sean and the guys at Hop o Nose marina are the best. Are mast stands that we left last fall were there waiting for us and by the next afternoon are masts were down and we ready to head out again. The trip through the Erie canal was uneventful bordering on mind numbingly boring!!
Oswego Ny was a welcome site but the weather was not. High wind, rain and generally the worst conditions for putting masts back up possible plagued us for a day and a half but finally we were able to get the masts up and the boat rigged.
Lake Ontario felt strangely small and the trip across the lake went by quickly. The site of Kingston on the horizon brought out all kinds of emotions to the surface as we sailed in along the shore in front of Kingston General Hospital. A big thank you to all who came out and waved to us to welcome us home.
We arrived at the dock downtown to more smiles waves and hugs. It was wonderful!!

Here is a bit of a summary of our travels:

Number of days we were away - 268
Distance travelled - 4582 Nautical Miles or 5040.2 Miles or 8111.4 Kilometres.
Nights on a dock - 16
Nights at sea - 5
Lift Locks - 68
Mahi Mahi caught - 8, (Mahi Lost - many)
Tuna caught - 2
Lobster caught - countless
Bottles of Ketchup consumed - 10
Jelly Fish Stings - 2
Turtle Bites - 1
Falls in the Hudson River - 1
Tan Lines - ( yes still a few)
New Friends - Many!!
Memories - So many wonderful things to think about.
Enough to tide us over until our next adventure!!
Thanks to everyone for the all the nice comments and support. Thanks for following our adventure! Please stay in touch.
Tom, Tracy and Eva!!

I ❤️ NYC

31 May 2015 | NYC
We are back in New York City after our final ocean passage from Atlantic city. It was a beautiful over night passage with very light to no wind. It took us 17 hours and a fantastic night time approach to the city that never sleeps with billions of lights. We are excited to be back in NY but sad our ocean sailing is done.....for now;) we have no doubt in our mind that some day we will be back on it with a new adventure ahead of us. We have spent 2 wonderful days here but now it is time to move on. This afternoon we will continue up the Hudson River to Catskill NY where we will be de-masted in preparation for entering the Erie Canal.

Mile "0"

21 May 2015 | Portsmouth, Virginia
We finally made it!
We are back in Norfolk, Va. The intercostal waterway is behind us all the 960 miles of it. The weather did not co-operate with us on our trip north. It was warm can't complain about that but it seemed we had wind on the nose every day and a current against us not to mention Tropical storm Ana Now all that is left is Chesapeake Bay and the Jersey coast and we are back in NYC, practically home.
with are taking a day off in portsmouth Va. for some R&R and to do a couple jobs on the boat. The wind is going to blow hard out of the north until Sat night so we're kind of forced to stop. All is good. Currently hanging out in the childrens section of the local library, Eva is having fun and we are getting caught up on email etc.

Slum'n it!

17 May 2015 | Oriental, North Carolina
We've been pushing hard to get north and after several real long days. We decided to stop at a dock and get some jobs done, reprovision, etc.
So we decided to stop at a marina for a night. Happens that we were near one of the nicest marinas on the U.S. East coast.
So we will be back on the water tomorrow but for today we will rest and maybe take a steam shower.
Life is tough!
Photo courtesy of Eva.

Hunkered down in South Carolina

09 May 2015 | Georgetown, South Carolina
Sorry for the lack of posts on our blog. A lot has happened in last 2 weeks. We arrived in the states and almost immediately began to have trouble. First I updated our IPad that we use for navigation to the new iOS 8.3 and suddenly our GPS receiver no longer worked. Thanks Apple! So we decided to buy a new lap top. This was something we were planning to buy when we got home so not a big deal. The next day our old laptop died. the day after that our outboard engine for our zodiac (aka family car) blew up. So we bit the bullet and bought a new one. All that created delays in our travel plans. Then just as were stated to make some progress North along comes Tropical storm Ana. Currently we are hunkered down in Georgetown South Carolina waiting for Ana to come ashore. We are directly in its path but are far inland and on a dock in a well protected marina. So far so good. Its frustrating to be not moving but we are safe and having fun with our friends on Charlotte.

Bye Bye Bahamas

23 April 2015 | Fort Pierce, FL
We have crossed to Florida!!!! We didn’t expect it to happen so quickly but we had a weather window and we jumped on it. We left treasure cay Monday morning and to crab cay where we reunited with the “MoMo’s”
Tuesday we headed to Little Sail cay where we stayed for a night full of thunder and lighten storms mainly in the distance but what a show it was when you can see 20 miles in every direction.
Tuesday morning we sat tight and waited for the wind to change and once it was in our favor we pulled anchor at 3:15pm and headed west to the edge of the Bahamas Bank. We left the bank in the middle of the night where the water changes from 2 meters under our keel to 1000 meters in a matter of minutes. The seas were calm and the bioluminescence (light emitted by living organisms in the water) was AMAZING!!! Any waves our haul made were glowing with bright green streaks.
The gulf stream was sloshy and we got bounced in every direction until the wind picked up and the sails held us a little more stable.
The crossing on a whole went very well and spirits were high, we are very happy with the way things went. It took us 23 hours to get to Fort Pierce Florida where we will rest for a day and then start making our way up the USA coast.
We will miss the warm crystal clear waters of the Bahamas but the memories will make us smile for a life time.
Vessel Name: SHEILA
Vessel Make/Model: Amel, Sharki
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Crew: Tom, Tracy and Eva
About: Respiratory Therapists "taking a breather" from life in Ktown Our beautiful daughter Eva will be 4 when we leave in September 2014 and she is currantly training to be a Pirate! Yarrr! or Elsa from the movie Frozen she can't decide yet.
Extra: The preparations for this trip have been long and hopefully well thought out! Please stay tunned for the rest of our story!
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Me trying to run to make it in the picture with Tom and Eva cheering for me "come on mommy, come on!!!!"
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Who: Tom, Tracy and Eva
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