Two Hoots Sailing

Mark & Penny’s sailing adventures aboard S/V Two Hoots


We have been living at anchor for a month now and if I was any good at fishing (and enjoyed fish that much), we could be totally self sufficient. Two Hoots has not needed to go into any harbours or marinas (apart from needing to pick up our new rib) to fill up with water or to charge the batteries once. When we do go ashore, and that is at least twice a day, we go in our new rib "Cahoots" to take Benji for a walk, do a bit of provisioning, enjoy a freddo espresso sketos (my coffee of choice) a cappuccino (Penny's choice till it warms up) or evening sundowners which is generally a draft Mythos and glass of dry white.

Since purchasing Two Hoots in January 2020, we have done a few big upgrades. Most notably, the installation of the Solar Array and the Watermaker mean that the sun and the sea provide all of our fresh water and (almost) all of our power requirements.

We have installed on the back of the boat, 4 x 400 watt Sunpower Maxeon Solar Panels pumping power into 8 x 140Ah AMG batteries. This is all managed through a Victron Energy Cerbo Computer and 4 MPPT Charge Controllers. We also have a Victron Energy MultiPlus 3000 watt inverter so not only can we run DC things like the fridge freezers, instruments, autopilot, navigation software and the watermaker, but also 230 volt AC appliances like hairdryers, Nespresso machine (what else), washing machine, high pressure hose, angle grinder, hot knife, ice maker and straightening tongs.

We also installed a Schekner Zen 50 Watermaker that through a process of strainers, filters, pumps and membranes, sucks in sea water and converts it into the purest fresh water (no added chlorine). It processes 500 litres of sea water an hour to make 50 litres of fresh water.... I then further process and refine it; Some I carbonate by blasting CO2 through it to turn into soda water and some I freeze and turn it into delicious little cubes of ice. The final step is to carefully mix it with amber liquids that originate in Scotland. The end result is a delicious sea water based beverage that you can actually drink 😬.

So in sunny Greece, power and fresh water are a plenty. Yesterday we did 4 loads of washing whilst running the watermaker. At the end of that, we still had a full water tank, full batteries, a boat full of clean dry clothing and bedding, a basket full of ice and loads of soda water!

I mean, that's quite cool isn't it? 🤓