Two Hoots Sailing

Mark & Penny’s sailing adventures aboard S/V Two Hoots

Its a dogs life

Well mummy-daddy are on deck doing stuff but its too hot for me outside so I thought I would write one of these blobs and tell you about what it’s like being me on Two Hoots.

Generally speaking, I am happiest when I am asleep so I sleep a lot which makes me happy. But sometimes they tell me it’s time for dinghy adventures which means that it’s time for wees and poos on dry land. I love the dinghy, especially when it it goes really fast. My ears flap in the breeze.

But I digress!! When they get up to have tea and get wet in the front box room which I am not allowed in, I burrow under the pillows so its all dark and go back to sleep. I only really get up when they make me cos they want to make the bed all neat.

Then the day starts to get really exciting cos daddy starts pulling ropes at the back of the boat so the dinghy drops down into the water. This means it’s wees and poos on dry land time.

Mummy puts on my harness so they can manhandle me (I hate being manhandled) then when daddy has got the dinghy ready and pulled the string that makes the engine start, I jump in and onto his lap. Then mummy jumps in and I move onto her lap. Then we zoom along at full speed until we get to dry land. Thats the best bit cos there is a cool breeze and it’s really fun.

Once we get to dry land, I scramble out as quickly as possible as there is much that needs to be sniffed and many wees and poos that need to be done. Sometimes we go for quite a long walk but sometimes it’s hot so I just like to lie down in the shade. But when I do this they manhandle me and make me walk more.

My favourite trick is to stop walking and look at daddy cos he has my water bottle. He thinks I want water so he opens it up and folds down the little bowl thing and fills it with water. Then guess what I do….hee hee…I just walk off. He has to throw the water away. But sometimes I do get thirsty so I have some.

Then we go and chill in some cafe and they have coffee. I sometimes order some chilled water in a bowl cos if I put my paw on the edge of the bowl and push down and sideways, I can make it capsize and water goes everywhere. Then I lie in the water cos it’s really cooling.

If they take too long, I get all fidgety cos I have not had breakfast yet and I am starving to death.

We go back to Two Hoots in the dinghy at top speed again but before I get my breakfast, mummy has to groom me and make me all neat and clean. But then it’s feeding time.

If I am lucky, they have some leftovers from supper that I sometimes get. Like for example, they had sirloin steak last night and mummy couldn’t finish hers so I scored the luck. They always put kibble with it which is a bit ponky but they mix it with chicken pate which is yummy. So chicken pate, sirloin steak and kibble was this mornings breakfast.

On other occasions it might be some pork fillet or some chicken breast or even some meatballs, so its pretty good really.

Then after all that excitement, it’s time for a nap in the shade. This can last several hours as it can get quite hot.

Sometimes mummy-daddy goes swimming in the sea and I bark at them and sometimes when it’s a bit cooler we go on the stand up paddle boards. That’s really fun. I have to wear a life jacket which is a bit of a fashion mishap and is, well, embarrassing really. I mean, I can swim!!. But what’s really fun is walking around the board to make it really wobble. So far I haven’t managed to get them to fall in but I am sure I will eventually.

I also like lying on the trampoline on the front of Two Hoots cos the breeze blows up between the hulls and its really cooling.

At about 6:30pm, we go for more dinghy adventures to dry land and I do more sniffing and more wees and poos. I won’t do wees and poos on the boat cos I am very hygienic you see.

Sometimes they stop for drinks in the evening and in some places, they bring ham and cheese to have with the drinks. Well I can tell you, no way are they having that, the ham and cheese is mine, cos I am obviously still starving to death!

Then we go back to Two Hoots in the dinghy (at top speed….Wheeee) cos now its supper time. I think its chicken pate, chicken breast and kibble for supper but I am pretty sure there is some foie gras in the cupboard that I have my eye on.

After supper, I kind of run out of steam. Sometimes I sleep outside in the cockpit for a bit, sometimes I come into the saloon to sleep and sometimes, I just want to go to bed so I stand at the top of the stairs till one of them manhandles me onto the bed.

Then it’s big sleep time!