21 April 2019 | English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies
21 April 2019 | English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies
19 April 2019 | English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies
19 April 2019 | English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies
18 April 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
07 April 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
28 March 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
26 March 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
24 March 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
23 March 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
18 March 2019 | Le Bourg, The Saints, Guadeloupe
18 March 2019 | Le Bourg, The Saints, Guadeloupe
17 March 2019 | Le Bourg, The Saints, Guadeloupe
16 March 2019 | Le Bourg, The Saints, Guadeloupe
15 March 2019 | Le Bourg, The Saints, Guadeloupe
14 March 2019 | Le Bourg, The Saints, Guadeloupe
13 March 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
11 March 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
07 March 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies

Jib is a Job

11 March 2019 | Jolly Harbor Marina Antigua, West Indies
Annette Brown
We were determined to leave our berth in Jolly Harbor (JH) on Friday 08 March even if it was to just go to anchor and finish getting ready to transit to Domininca. We checked out of Customs & Immigration, the Marina office and were ready to go finally at around 1130. We topped off at the fuel dock and transited the well-marked channel passed the mooring buoys to the anchorage area.

Anchored: Lat/Long: 17 08.6677N 061 22.7986

In this photo you see Peter preparing the jib sail (much larger than the sta’sl) on Saturday AM for being hauled up once. Although by virtue of being at anchor we were usually headed into the wind, the wind was very strong and wanted to sail the boat as we hauled up the jib. So it took longer than desired and it was not pretty.

THEN we tackled the outboard and dinghy. Pete secured the falls around the electric winch which allowed us to haul up the outboard. Then he reattached the falls & winch to haul up the dinghy. It was our first time attempting any use of the electric winch so were unprepared for the overrides of the line - undoing those overrides took more time than we had planned (sounds familiar!).

We finished that evolution Saturday around 1700 – totally exhausted. However, we thought the winds & waves were calm enough (motoring calm) that we could get underway as the sun was setting and get some sleep. We were wrong. As soon as we came out from the island’s wind shadow we were hit with much stronger gusts and confused seas. The ride was extremely uncomfortable. We decided that safety outweighed pride and turned around for the JH anchorage.

We arrived and anchored around daylight, Sunday, showered and crashed. Basically we slept all Sunday day and then all night! Today, 3/11/19 was spent returning the boat to order and make safe for underway in rough seas.
Vessel Name: TwoLoose
Vessel Make/Model: IP45
Hailing Port: Everett, WA, USA
Crew: Captain Pete Cisek & Wife/Navigator Annette Brown
Both of us are retired US Navy. Upon retirement 1/2006 we moved aboard our second TwoLoose (TL) - living aboard & cruising full time for the next 11 years. [...]
This is the third sailboat "TwoLoose" we have owned; having purchased her in 2008. These are her specifics: Make/Model: Island Packet 45 (IP45) Year: 1998 (Hull #28) Length Over All (LOA) 45'3"/13.8m Length of Waterline (LWL) 37'3"/11.3m Beam: 13'4"/4m Draft: 5.2"/1.6m Height of Mast: [...]
TwoLoose's Photos - Main
After two years of being on the hard in Jolly Harbor Marina, we returned to TwoLoose at the end of Dec 2018 to put her back together again. It took us about two months to do all the things required to make her habitable as well as operational. Clearly she did not like being left untended for that long!
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Created 26 February 2019
We flew to Cancun, MX to join Peter's eldest daughter (Cindi) and her family for an Island Christmas before we flew off to Antigua to rejoin the boat after a 2 year absence. Cindi's husband, Arturo, son Andres (22) and daughter Amaya (18) and their collection of animals (1 horse, 2 cats, 3 dogs and only one male amongst them!) all made us feel quite welcome. It had been TOO long since seeing them.
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Created 19 January 2019
After 21 days (including Christmas & NYE) at sea S/V TwoLoose with Captain Pete, Crew Bob “Hokie” Baran and Crew Annette arrived Jolly Harbor, Antigua. The crossing from Pasito Blanco, Grand Canary was basically uneventful. We used the jib the entire transit - never put up the main and motored only a few days in the beginning as we escaped the wind shadow created by the Canary Islands. Winds & seas were predominantly from the NE (as predicted); on our starboard quarter creating the somewhat unnerving “washing machine/corkscrewing” effect on boat & crew. Only serious impact was on Captain Pete who injured his back while refueling immediately before our departure. Thank goodness Bob had brought a back brace which Pete used to improve his mobility greatly!
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Created 2 January 2017
While TwoLoose remained in Finike, Turkey; we returned to the USA for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also made our annual visits to doctors and dentist.
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Created 7 April 2015
This album feature photos from our '14-'15 winter over port of Finike, TK. It will also display photos from any places visited from Finike.
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Created 15 October 2014
This is the second album to feature photos from Marmaris (Jul-Oct '14). It also highlights the anchorages we visited along the Turkish Riviera.
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Created 15 October 2014
Photos of Marmaris & immediate environs Oct '13 through Jul '14 with a couple of surprise US Navy photos from 2002!
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Created 22 July 2014
1 - 8 Jul '14: Photos of the wedding of Zenta's eldest grandson Casper, the Staud Familie and town we stayed in - Diessen am Amersee.
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Created 22 July 2014
TL's maintenance period started later than we would have preferred - for many reasons - none of which truly matter in the end. We're in it now and we will get the most of it even if we drift into warmer temps and delay the start of this season's cruising season.
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Created 20 May 2014
For the week of 4 May, Peter & AB enjoyed another visit to Istanbul only THIS time we met up with some long time girlfriends (& one new guy friend) from the U.S. The sub album contains photos of our first visit to Istanbul in November 2013.
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Created 18 May 2014
14-21 April '14 we toured Turkey's capital Ankara and several other locations some distance from our "home base" of Marmaris.
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Created 24 April 2014
We spent an albeit short but fun filled Thanksgiving weekend with Peter's youngest daughter Traci in her almost new house near Cleveland.
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Created 30 December 2013
Here we show off Peter's eldest daughter Cindi, his son-in-law Arturo, his eldest of 3 grandsons Andres (18) and his eldest of 2 granddaughters Amaya as well as the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
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Created 26 December 2013
We stayed here only long enough to 1) check-in and out of Symi Is. and 2) check-out of Greece. However, we liked it well enough to know we'd like to return!
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Created 9 November 2013
Our well protected all-round anchorage plus FREE entertainment!
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Created 21 October 2013
After another rocky ride, we arrived 23 Sep in the beautiful town of Corfu on the island by the same name. Aside from the intriguing mix of architecture brought by former occupiers, the locals are very friendly and despite economic conditions seem to make the most of their situation.
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Created 30 September 2013
Our second visit to the southern most check-in port in Croatian was unplanned. We ran there after our curtailed visit to Montenegro avoiding weather.
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Created 30 September 2013
Our short but memorable visit to this intriguing country.
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Created 30 September 2013
To use the overused description: Awesome! Venice has not only the usual Italian charm & intriguing history, it is unique in it's watery ways and amazing feats of engineering! Like Rome there just isn't enough time to take it all in.
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Created 29 August 2013
Here are some photos of our third / current "TwoLoose" (IP-45) and her dinghy sidekick "La Trek" in various places & "poses" over the years.
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Created 24 August 2013
This album features photos from the area around NAUTEC marina in which we left TwoLoose during the period 15Jul13 to late August 2013
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Created 22 August 2013