Last Chance ... A Two Year Journey

Leaving the Great Lakes for a Caribbean/Pacific adventure

24 June 2019 | Mackinac Island
16 June 2019 | Waukegan Harbor
30 May 2019 | Somewhere off Waukegan
29 April 2019 | Waukegan, IL
14 February 2019 | George Town, Exumas
12 February 2019 | Great Galliot Cay
11 February 2019 | Sampson Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
09 February 2019 | Big Majors Spot
08 February 2019 | Near Midway Airport, Chicago
01 January 2019 | Larsen Marine
19 November 2018 | Hanover Park, IL
21 October 2018 | Larsen Marine
16 September 2018 | Northwestern Memorial Hospital
24 August 2018 | Waukegan Harbor
20 August 2018 | Racine to Port Sheldon and back
16 August 2018 | Racine Yacht Club
28 July 2018 | Waukegan
24 July 2018 | Racine, WI
22 July 2018 | Racine, then back to Waukegan

Cruising World talks. Tomorrow the journey continues.

06 October 2017 | U.S. Sailboat Show
Sunny and pleasant
Our friends on the 30’ sailboat Gabriel made it to Baltimore. They took Uber to get to the show. Roger and Tari met them at one of the free seminars. I spent some time at the Jeanneau display with the salesman from Larsen Marine, which is where I service and store my boat back in Waukegan. He said if I got to New Zealand, I could trade in my current boat in New Zealand and buy a new one in Waukegan. Interesting way to get my boat back home, so to speak. Yesterday I raved about the Jeanneau display. Today they were awarded best display in Show.

This afternoon I attended the Cruising World (magazine) talks given on the Naval Academy grounds. Lin Pardey and Behan Gifford were the featured speakers, both very famous and accomplished cruisers. The blog picture is of Behan. I have found her Sailing Totem blog very informative. I was wearing a Sailing Totem Crew tee shirt. Several folks at the boat show noticed the shirt and asked if I had seen Behan, or asked if I were Jamie (her husband).

The second half of the afternoon was a panel discussion about cruising south, the different options, the state of the Caribbean and ways to help their recovery. Many of my concerns and questions were covered in that section as well. Very informative afternoon.

Tomorrow the journey starts anew. The wind has been from the north for weeks. Now that we are headed south again, the wind is predicted to finally switch ... to the south. Motoring again.
Vessel Name: Last Chance
Vessel Make/Model: Islander 36 (1979)
Hailing Port: Waukegan, Illinois
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