Last Chance ... A Two Year Journey

Leaving the Great Lakes for a Caribbean/Pacific adventure

21 March 2018 | Staniel Cay near Thunderball Grotto
20 March 2018 | Near Staniel Cay
19 March 2018 | North Gaulin Cay, Exumas
18 March 2018 | Black Point, Exuma, Bahamas
17 March 2018 | Great Galliot Cay
16 March 2018 | Last day in George Town
14 March 2018 | George Town
12 March 2018 | George Town
10 March 2018 | Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
08 March 2018 | George Town - Monument Beach
06 March 2018 | George Town, Monument Beach
05 March 2018 | George Town
03 March 2018 | George Town near Sand Dollar Beach
02 March 2018 | George Town - east side of harbor now.
01 March 2018 | George Town, Elizabeth Harbour.
28 February 2018 | Big Galliot Cay in the Exumas
26 February 2018 | Black Point, Exumas in the Bahamas
25 February 2018 | Bitter Guana Cay
24 February 2018 | Staniel Cay

48 hours ...

09 December 2017 | Historic downtown Titusville
Cloudy and cold.
Yesterday I spent some time in the nearby park enjoying the sun and warmth. I was sitting at the harbor entrance, and a couple of manatees swam out of the harbor.

Last evening I enjoyed the tree lighting and downtown stroll. The historic downtown is maybe .5 miles away. There were many small groups of performers scattered throughout the downtown, with many other folks strolling about taking advantage of the last warm weather for a bit. This afternoon was cloudy and cool - it didn't even make it to 60! The next two nights will be in the upper 30s. I chose to stay in my slip this weekend so I could run my heater.

Since I had access to shore power, I used my heat gun to heat shrink the butt connectors I had put on the other day when I removed the wire nuts. Next up was to defrost the fridge. I discovered I hadn't been doing a good job of this - I wasn't removing the ice that I couldn't see in the back of the freezer and now that had built up to the point where it was difficult to remove. More uses for the heat gun. Then I noticed one of the screws holding the freezer needed to be tightened. That required a short screw driver which was in the tool set under a seat. When I pulled up the seat cushion, I found a puddle of coke underneath it. Oh goody - another project!

This weather reminds me of being in Waukegan on a chilly weekend near the end of April. The difference is it is warmer during the day here, and when I look out my port, I see palm trees and the prominent bird I hear is an Osprey, not a sea gull. Still, I came all this way for this?

It turns out my shore power battery charger and solar panels do not play nice together. The batteries like to float at 13.2 volts, so that is what the charger is set to. However, the solar floats at 13.8 volts and cannot be changed. This makes the shore power charger mad and it turns red and quits. So I guess I'll just have to keep them separated.
Vessel Name: Last Chance
Vessel Make/Model: Islander 36 (1979)
Hailing Port: Waukegan, Illinois
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