The Journey Continues

08 October 2008 | Basin just South of the Cortez bridge at Bradenton Beach
30 August 2008 | St. Petersburg, FL
29 August 2008 | Baton Rouge
27 August 2008 | Houston, TX
25 August 2008 | Quinlan, TX
23 August 2008 | Burnet, TX
20 August 2008 | Albuquerque, NM
13 August 2008 | Columbia, Missouri
24 June 2008 | St. Petersburg, Florida

Back in the Good Ole USA

15 September 2013 | St. Petersburg, Florida
We arrived on 'uhane back in St. Petersburg, Fl on July 8, 2013 which ended our 'almost 5 year' cruise. Our good friend, Rick Sylvester, flew into Cancun, Mexico, to help us bring her across the gulf. We've had an awesome adventure, met some great folks, and visited many beautiful places. Not only have we returned to the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina but we're in the very same slip and are now trying to get re-oriented to living in the States.

I took a month to help with my Dad while in the hospital and am now back here teaching watercolor and drawing classes at the Academy of Art. I'm loving it but just need some more students.

We'll probably be shutting down this blog site soon but wanted everyone that has kept up with us over the years to know that we appreciate your comments and love you all. We're a little sad but happy to be back.

12" of Snow,...... Really!!!!

25 March 2013 | Columbia, Missouri
No, we didn't take the boat to Columbia, Missouri, silly. I flew there to visit my dad and brother Bill, Chris, and Molly. Although the first week was SPRING BREAK, we got about 12" of snow. Silly me. I ran outside and made a snow angel and caught a cold. Yikes! ..... Actually, it was worth it. It was fun :)


11 February 2013 | Bocas del Toro, Panama
We've been looking at the snow photos of the recent blizzard in the northeast U.S. on the internet, and here I sit at 8:40 p.m. and the thermometer says 83.3 degrees with 60% humidity. I don't think I'll complain about the heat tonight and just be grateful that we don't have the normal 99% humidity.

Interesting Boat Names

20 January 2013 | Bocas del Toro, Panama
We've all heard the common boat names such as Spirit, Dream Catcher, Wind Dancer, etc. Although these are great names, we've run into some interesting and unusual boat names recently. When you read these names below, imagine calling the name three times folowed by my boat name as we do on the VHF radio and try not to giggle or get tongue-tied. For example, for Meow I would say, "Meow Meow Meow, Uhane".

Dances with Dragons
If Knot Why Knot
Gone with the Wind
I Yam What I Yam
Big Rock Candy Mountain

You giggled didn't you???? Be honest. Do you have any good ones?? If so, comment below.

Watercolor Funshop Growing

17 January 2013 | Bocas del Toro, Panama
'Frankie's Watercolor Funshop with Debbie' is definitely growing in popularity. Today there were fourteen ladies that showed up. I was shocked, delighted, then scrambling to get enough paper and paints for everyone. I still have left over paints from an art supply business that was going out of business back in Florida, so we're using those before they get too old. After 4 years, I'm finally running out of watercolor paper, but not to worry, Cheap Joes and Dick Blick Art Supplies are readily available through the internet. Yippeeee!

The folks here seem to be having a great time, are learning some techniques, and are really tapping into their hidden talents. I have been so pleasantly surprised at the great artwork that they are producing. I really look forward to Thursdays :)

Frankie's Watercolor Funshop with Debbie

09 December 2012 | Bocas del Toro, Panama
Vessel Name: Uhane
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby 42
Hailing Port: St. Petersburg, Florida
Crew: Bryan and Debbie Pridgeon - Lil McGill
About: Lil McGill is our Tortoise Shell cat. Debbie and Bryan are merely caretakers.
Extra: 'Uhane is Hawaiian for 'Spirit'.

Our Dream Come True

Who: Bryan and Debbie Pridgeon - Lil McGill
Port: St. Petersburg, Florida
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