19 May 2010 | Indiantown, FL
17 May 2010 | Bahamas
02 May 2010 | Georgetown, Exuma
22 April 2010 | Elizabeth Harbor, Great Exuma
22 April 2010 | Georgetown, Exuma
08 April 2010 | Ocean World Marina, Puerto Plata
05 April 2010 | Ocean World Marina, Puerto Plata
02 April 2010 | Ocean World Marina, Puerto Plata
26 March 2010 | Ocean World Marina, Puerto Plata
19 March 2010 | Boqueron, PR
14 March 2010 | Ponce,P.R.
06 March 2010 | British Virgin Islands
06 March 2010 | British Virgin Islands
14 February 2010 | At sea
14 February 2010 | Nevis
05 February 2010 | Jolly Harbor, Antigua
27 January 2010 | Portsmouth, Dominica
22 January 2010 | Portsmouth, Dominica
08 January 2010 | Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
08 January 2010 | St. Lucia

Final leg

19 May 2010 | Indiantown, FL
We anchored off Chub Cay after a thirty five mile crossing from Nassau and stayed for an extra day because of forecast twenty five knot winds for Tuesday (5-11). We met a 40' sailboat there with a honeymoon couple aboard. It was a crewed charter with only one man as crew and it cost $5000 per week. Hummmm? We had planned to go Great Isaac for the crossing to Lake Worth but it was still windy and there is no protection there so we opted for Bimini and anchored off the NW coast near Paradise Point. Late that night a boat anchored behind us but in the morning it had already gone. Beautiful sailing day, wind from the East and reasonable seas. We got a call on the VHF from a boat telling us they had heard us talking with Chris Parker (weather guy) at 0630. It turns out they were the boat behind us and now they were about two miles ahead and headed for Lake Worth also. His wife caught a 36" Mahi Mahi and he caught a big Tuna. I caught seaweed. We had dolphins playing on our bow for over an hour and when we got into the Gulf Stream we recorded 8.4 knots on the GPS for an hour and a half. I even saw a 10 knot reading once. We were doing about seven knots through the water and the Stream accounted for the additional speed since we were headed north. We both went into Lake Worth to anchor in a beautiful spot and went to bed early. We followed them in because they had been here several times before. It's always nice to have a little local knowledge when you go into a new location. Rhapsody, the boat from Bimini left about 0600 since they were headed all the way up to Brunswick GA. to store their boat. We left about 0700 and headed out the inlet into wind at 25 knots from the East and 6-8 foot seas with an occasional 10 footer. Quite an adrenalin surge for our last day at sea. Fortunately it was a little less than four hours to the St. Lucie inlet but then I was reminded what I liked the least about Florida boating. Shallow bays and lots of very fast boats. We tip toed our way across the bay with 5.8 feet reading on the depth gauge at times before entering the St. Lucie canal. It was a pretty steady eight feet all the way to the St. Lucie lock. The lock master tosses you two lines tied to the top of the lock wall which you hold on to but don't tie to your boat. Then he opens the upstream lock doors about 12-15 inches and lets the water fill the lock. The same is true for emptying the lock. He opens the downstream doors a little and lets the water out. I wonder if TVA knows about this method. About twenty eight miles up the canal, flashbacks to the Tenn/Tom, we passed a railroad swing bridge that was open and a mile further we turned into Indiantown Marina, our final, final destination. By the way, there are alligators in the marina and manatees. We are now spending three to four days unloading, repairing and cleaning Unchained before we haul out. The picture with this update is of the truck we rented to haul our stuff home. Can you believe ALL THAT was in the boat with us and that doesn't count all the stuff that stays on the boat. This could be the last blog update...BUT I will have to blog the unloading of approximately thirty five cubic feet of STUFF from Unchained and I plan to write an additional update telling of our trip from Knoxville to Marathon, FL when we came down since I hadn't started the blog at that time. January on the Tennessee River with out a heater is interesting. Stay tuned.
Vessel Name: Unchained
Vessel Make/Model: 38' Beneteau
Hailing Port: Knoxville, TN
Crew: Bill & Sue Shafer
We have been sailing about ten years (lots of schools and bare boat charters in those years). Sue grew up in Midland, TX and Bill in Knoxville, TN where we have a home. We are members of Concord Yacht Club in Knoxville (Great people & very supportive). [...]
Extra: Unchained is a 1991 Beneteau Moorings 38 which was designed as a charter boat. We had to make many modifications to make her a reasonable long distance cruiser. She is light and small but very capable.