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New Coach Roof Hatches

24 February 2015
A year ago I started looking into replacing the sliding coach roof hatches as the originals were badly sun grazed and cracked

Turns out Beneteau no longer make them and they wanted over £1400 (+VAT) for the remaining one they had in stock...I needed two of course.

As the hatches are curved it turns out to be a very difficult process to form them correctly, however in collaboration with a local plastics company, one year later (and huge leap of faith) we have just succeeded in making new ones.

The picture above (and in the gallery) really doesn't do them justice as to how good they look and I am delighted with the result.

Now I cant be the only owner of an 80's Beneteau who has faced this problem and the good news is as part of the process I now own all the jigs and formers. If anyone is out there thinking of doing the same, please drop me a line as I may well be able to help with the jigs and point you in the right direction.


PS I believe the same hatches were used in other Firsts of that era too
Vessel Name: Up Doune
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau First 345
Hailing Port: Rhu
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