Sailing in my Sarong Around the World

World circumnavigation on yacht Valiam & Caribbean to Turkey on yacht Lati

The Adventures of Linda and Captain Underpants!

Who: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Linda's books "Sailing in my Sarong" or "Salvage in my Sarong" are A$39.95 each + A$10 postage in Australia for up to 4 books. Other countries please email Linda :
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Salvage in my Sarong

A beautiful book launch

05 November 2016
What a memorable and wonderful event. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, sent their good wishes and helped create a celebration of my new book Salvage in my Sarong - The Meditereanean Dream in a rescued boat

The creative tiaras, live music played by my family and friends, donations for the Sailability raffle, sharing stories with sailing friends - It was all wonderful. Women Who Sail Australia members who helped make it a special night including my MC and helper Erica and Jane who had just flown in from Greece.

As I said last night I do not recommend buying a bargain boat on eBay sight unseen but we had the adventure of a lifetime. If you would like to buy my book, hit the Pay button at the bottom of this page or
Email Linda : and I can send you a PayPal invoice or Direct Deposit details anywhere in the world. My book has 356 pages with 112 pages in full colour. It weighs 660g or (1.4 pounds)
A$39.95, €30, £25, or US$30 plus postage

I would like to share my Acknowledgements in the writing of our story:

I wasn't going to write another book. My friend Shelley Wright insisted, 'You must write Lati's story!' Thanks Shell for the three-year project hanging over my head! Shelley began following us across the Atlantic and beyond via our blog and later invited me to join an on line group called Women Who Sail Australia. It was through this group of women that I found online support wherever I was in any country and any time of day. I thought it was important to show this support in this book by quoting some of the Facebook comments. So thank you to you all for your continued support.

Bill and I are extremely grateful to Lee Maunder for her warm welcome on board Manatee and supporting us both during our time in the Virgin Islands as we worked furiously on Lati to get her ready for sea in 3 months. I would also like to thank Mark Maunder for inspecting and towing Lati around to Coral Bay to keep her safe until our arrival. I am personally grateful to Lee for keeping me sane during that crazy time by including me in her circle of friends and the fun and beautiful excursions around St John. Lee was our rock and without her I am not sure if there would have been a boat called Lati to write about.

I would like to thank Shelley Wright and Jennifer Moran who gave their time to read, edit and give advice on the writing of this book. I felt grateful that I could hand over 'my baby' to professional friends rather than strangers to help me. I wrote the blurb on the back cover using not only my own words but words suggested by Steve Allen and Jennifer Moran. My lovely daughter Vashti Walker, and Shelley Wright assisted with editing to get it to sound exactly right. Thank you all for your help.

There were several titles suggested for this book but 'Salvage in my Sarong' was the winner suggested by Dayna Russell, a fellow member of Women Who Sail Australia. Thanks Dayna! A big thank you to Paul Frylink who created the accurate map of Lati's voyage using GPS positions.

There are many people we met along the way during our voyages on Lati who were so generous and helpful. Thank you to the Lunatics, our Danish friends who helped us so much soon after we arrived in Portugal and the following summers. Their advice, assistance in different countries, physical help, gifts of fenders and windlass as well as champagne was very much appreciated. Thanks Steve and Dee Allen for your help in the boatyard in Portugal and your hospitality in Spain and Scotland. I would also like to thank Nancy Bruning, my aunt in New York who organised my art and book show at Le Cheile in Manhattan as well as the support of her friends and colleagues.

And to all the kind and welcoming people we met along the way - you made our voyage and land excursions so enjoyable and easier to get things done. The offer of a load of washing, a shower, grabbing our lines, sharing recipes, a glass of wine, a freshly caught fish, lifts in cars to name just a few.

The most amazing friends we made are Christos and Christina in Greece. Oh my - what incredible friends to make us feel at home in our adopted country. From driving us around to the best tavernas, airports, assisting with parts for Lati, including us in their family celebrations and giving us the key to their spare apartment in Athens, we are so happy and grateful we met you! I miss you guys and hope that we will see each other again. Thank you also for assisting our friend Steve and his son, the new owner, when they flew over to work on Lati in Lavrion.

I would like to thank Lindsay Parry, Designer at Express Print who did a fantastic job putting this book together. He understood perfectly what I wanted for the cover and the contents. I would like to also thank my beautiful friends who supported me during the writing of Lati's story. You know who you are. We will continue to celebrate life together over a few glasses of champagne!

Lastly and most importantly I want to thank my courageous husband Bill, aka Captain Underpants for taking me on this unexpected voyage of a lifetime. You got me to the Med and I love you for it.

Linda Frylink Anderson
17th September 2016

"A sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind." - Webb Chiles

Vessel Name: Valiam
Vessel Make/Model: Valiam: Lidgard 45 (Single chine plywood) designed by Gary Lidgard. Built by Bill Anderson and Steve Thornalley. Lati: 31ft 1967 Kim Holman built in Barcelona. Original name Latigazo
Hailing Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Crew: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Bill and Linda fufilled a 30 year dream to sail around the world. First they built a boat in a paddock in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Qld, Australia in 1994 with the help of friend Steve. [...]
CIRCUMNAVIGATION ON VALIAM: We left Mooloolaba on the 7th November 2007, sailed to Townsville, leaving Australian waters on 26th November 2007 for PNG, Palau, Philippines, Borneo, Malaysia,Singapore, Cocos Keeling islands. We crossed the Indian Ocean to Rodrigues, Mauritius,Reunion and South [...]
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The Adventures of Linda and Captain Underpants!

Who: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Linda's books "Sailing in my Sarong" or "Salvage in my Sarong" are A$39.95 each + A$10 postage in Australia for up to 4 books. Other countries please email Linda :
Number of copies of each book you would like
Salvage in my Sarong
"You just sit on the boat, pull a few strings and you get there." Bill Anderson aka Captain Underpants