Sailing in my Sarong Around the World

The Adventures of Linda and Captain Underpants!

Who: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

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Linda's books "Sailing in my Sarong" or "Salvage in my Sarong" are A$39.95 each + A$10 postage in Australia for up to 4 books. Other countries please email Linda :
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Salvage in my Sarong
19 January 2016
21 December 2015
31 October 2015 | Mooloolaba Marina, Qld, Australia
25 October 2015 | Mooloolaba - Valiam's home port
25 October 2015 | Kawana Waters Marina, Mooloolaba, Qld, Australia
30 September 2015
16 September 2015 | Mooloolaba, Qld Australia
16 September 2015
16 September 2015 | Porto Empledocle, Sicily, Italy 2013
13 September 2015
13 September 2015 | Mooloolaba, Qld, Australia
28 July 2015
17 July 2015
25 June 2015 | Mooloolaba

Sailing in my Sarong at Iluka Emporium

09 November 2018
Many of you may know that I am one of the artists at the co-operative gallery called Iluka Emporium in Iluka, NSW. Iluka is on the Clarence river and a lot quieter than Yamba. That's why we like it. Bill has his folk boat Bohemian moored here and we are building a granny flat for a more comfortable beach escape than camping in the shed. Valiam our mothership is berthed in Mooloolaba so we have our other home when we are there. The beauty of being self funded retirees! Except we seem to be busier than ever! But doing projects we both enjoy.

Iluka Emporium is a not for profit incorporation now and we are supportive of local artists and community projects. You will often find musicians playing on the deck and various workshops. Whoever is on duty ( we all volunteer a few days a month) will be up for a chat. Iluka Emporium is open Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon from 9 - 3. Every day in the school holidays. The Iluka Emporium is in the main Street (it's not very big!) 61 Charles St.

You will see my corner in the Emporium as you walk in. Both my books and my artwork are on display. My books are signed if you happen to buy one when I'm not there. Come browse our gorgeous treasure trove of hand made works and collectibles. I'm usually there every second Friday but also volunteer extra days occasionally. Look forward to seeing you. If you are on your boat in the harbour it's not far to walk. Cheers Linda
Link to the Emporiums website
Photo : That's Captain Underpants in the armchair!

Saris saris in Nadi Fiji

12 September 2018
One of the main reasons I wanted to spend a few days in Nadi after the yoga retreat in Muscat Cove was to buy saris. There is something magical, and just simply gorgeous about seeing a woman in a sari.

Wearing a sari makes me feel glamorous or just simply feminine. Everyone knows I'm a girlie sailor and a sari is just a longer version of a Sarong. Women around the world wear lengths of fabric in many different ways. In PNG it's called a lap lap. In French Polynesia pareo. In Tanzania a kanga. In other African and Asian countries as well as the Middle East lengths of gorgeous fabric is draped around a woman's body in so many different ways. But a sari often has the extra special bling, a pretty crop top and the shops are like a visual rainbow. The women in the shop took extra care to dress me and loved that I wear saris at home on special occasions. Can't wait for the next one.

Pirate Day Muscat Cove Regatta Fiji

11 September 2018
As part of a yoga and Gut Health retreat organised by my sailing friend Leanne Hembrow, I was invited to take part in Pirate Day sailing to Beachcomber Island on board Leanne and John’s catamaran ‘Songlines’.

I had put together a costume as a pirate wench from an op shop in Australia before I left. At first I felt silly boarding a yacht in fishnet stockings but was happy to see another 2 women also in fishnets! I could poke my toes through so quite ok getting around!

I am pictured with Tuyet above and a friend. Hers are the more elaborate stockings and we all joked about what sort of sun tan she might get.

Such a fun day for all on board. Beachcomber Island was full of people in amazing pirate costumes. As I got out of the dinghy I was dragged by the arm by a handsome savage in a grass skirt. ‘We have the one!’ He said. Playing along I said I was Princess Lily from another island. Next was a tunnel of ‘hot coals’ and a tot of rum as the initiation. The feast was impressive, the laughter and good spirits loud and hilarious. But I loved watching the dancers and enjoyed taking part in one next to another good looking fellow.

The trip home was motoring against the wind and tide which Captain John made as comfortable as possible for all on board. A terrific day.


Salvage in my Sarong has just received another great review!

18 August 2018
After Sailing in My Sarong, following the peaks and troughs of Linda and Bill's 30-year dream of sailing around the world, we were looking forward to reading about their next adventure. It's unusual for sailors to down-size, it's unfathomable that seasoned boaters would purchase a boat that needs a lot of work (knowing how hard it is!), and it is completely bizarre to buy a boat un-seen from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!

But is it unfathomable and bizarre or is it free-spirited and adventuresome?
Well, it couldn't be anything less for Linda and Bill (or should I say Captain Underpants!).
This story has spirit, adventure, escapade, and drama slathered all over it - and that's just the beginning.
Several metres shorter than their last boat they sail Lati from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean. From tipping dinghies to exploding gearboxes this stalwart couple surge forth through the internet, across the Atlantic to live their dream of Mediterranean cuisine and European chic.
They may have rescued Lati, but that little boat helped them fulfil a life-long dream. And in a Sarong at that!

Jackie and Noel Parry
Noel and Jackie’s Journeys
Vessel Name: Valiam
Vessel Make/Model: Valiam: Lidgard 45 (Single chine plywood) designed by Gary Lidgard. Built by Bill Anderson and Steve Thornalley. Lati: 31ft 1967 Kim Holman built in Barcelona. Original name Latigazo
Hailing Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Crew: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Bill and Linda fufilled a 30 year dream to sail around the world. First they built a boat in a paddock in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Qld, Australia in 1994 with the help of friend Steve. [...]
CIRCUMNAVIGATION ON VALIAM: We left Mooloolaba on the 7th November 2007, sailed to Townsville, leaving Australian waters on 26th November 2007 for PNG, Palau, Philippines, Borneo, Malaysia,Singapore, Cocos Keeling islands. We crossed the Indian Ocean to Rodrigues, Mauritius,Reunion and South [...]
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The Adventures of Linda and Captain Underpants!

Who: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

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Linda's books "Sailing in my Sarong" or "Salvage in my Sarong" are A$39.95 each + A$10 postage in Australia for up to 4 books. Other countries please email Linda :
Number of copies of each book you would like
Salvage in my Sarong
"You just sit on the boat, pull a few strings and you get there." Bill Anderson aka Captain Underpants