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The Adventures of Linda and Captain Underpants!

Who: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

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Linda's books "Sailing in my Sarong" or "Salvage in my Sarong" are A$39.95 each + A$10 postage in Australia for up to 4 books. Other countries please email Linda :
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Salvage in my Sarong

Loving Lombok

24 February 2018
I’m currently on holidays with my friend Jackie. We’ve been to Bali plenty of times so thought we would explore Lombok. And what a great decision it was too. It’s quieter, very few tourists where we’ve been and the scenery is magnificent. We have explored small guest houses and accommodation at the northern end right around to the east coast of Labuhan.

The first place was Rinjani Beach Eco Resort where we had our own bamboo cottage on a black sand beach. So quiet and good for the soul. Cheap and friendly with home cooked meals. Next was Pondok Siola on the east coast to go snorkelling with Enam. He filled the car and boat with his mates for the ride! I love the outrigger boats here. It was a great day out but unfortunately my snorkelling experience was spoiled by a nasty jelly fish sting. I eventually recovered and we enjoyed a picnic on a little island of Lombok fare of fried fish and vegetables.

The best thing about Pondok Siola was wandering into the village and chatting to locals. Our blonde hair stood out but it was too hot to wear a headscarf and I didn’t feel right doing it. Lombok is predominantly Muslim so every morning we are woken by the call to prayer followed by the roosters!

Linda is losing...

03 February 2018
Yep and my clothes are so loose I’ve given most of them away. Sarongs go around me twice now. My wet weather gear instead of being too tight is now comfortably loose. Yay! And I am feeling happier, healthier and fitter. 26 kilos gone. Gone forever I have promised myself.

The cruising lifestyle with sundowners and snacks, passage making with lots of high carbohydrate snacks, sitting on my bum writing a book has all taken its toll on my body. My fault I know and I love good food and wine. But my gut wasn’t happy. My body wasn’t happy and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my Captain Underpants....

One day I saw an amazing photo of my sailing friend Caitlin who had lost 40kg! She looked vibrant and gorgeous. I kept staring at her photo. So I contacted her to ask about what she was doing. The answer is Gutsy. A healthy clean eating program that heals the gut and the unwanted weight drops off. How was I going to go without my glass of champagne? The program is for 30 days so I thought ‘Ok. It’s not forever...’ But after the first 30 days I didn’t even want champagne! My friends couldn’t believe it...

After 4 months, 20 kg was gone and I’m now slowly creeping down to the weight I was in my twenties. 26.5kg gone with 4kg to go. I love Gutsy. The food is delicious and I don’t get hungry. I am so enthused by Gutsy I am now helping others. If you would like to know more message me. You can also join my groupGet Gutsy with Linda Anderson and have a look around. Love ya guts!

Southern Ocean voyage for a special champagne

23 January 2018
Finally we opened the special bottle of South African champagne our friend Lisa Blair carried on her yacht Climate Action Now for me from Cape Town via the Southern Ocean below 45degrees south to Albany Western Australia last July.
Lisa’s blog
Her mum Linda then carried it on the plane back to Queensland and presented it to me on board Valiam in Mooloolaba. We planned to open it in November but there was a lot going on then for our 40th wedding anniversary.

Today we enjoyed a quiet day on our mountain in northern NSW. We reflected on our own adventures and voyages. Just over 10 years ago we set sail around the world to complete a circumnavigation in 2 years with just the 2 of us on our homebuilt plywood yacht. For fun I shall outline where we were each January 23 for the last 10 years:
2008 - Koror, Palau. Anchored on Valiam
2009 - Simon’s Town, South Africa on Valiam in the marina
2010 - Townsville waiting for the birth of our 3rd grandchild Tahlia
2011 - Mooloolaba - back in our house and Valiam back on her pile berth mooring
2012 - Bill wins a bid on eBay for Lati in the Caribbean. Preparing for this adventure
2013 - Tasmania - sailed Valiam there for the Wooden Boat Festival
2014 - Mooloolaba - took our young grandson sailing to Tangalooma.
2015 - Sailing back from Sydney and experienced the worst lightning storms at sea off Ballina
2016 - Valiam is now in her own berth at Mooloolaba Marina. Much socialising
2017 - Returned from sailing to Lord Howe Island
2018 - Relaxing in our off the grid mountain retreat home.

One thing is for sure - more champagne in the future and more sailing. Maybe another circumnavigation....
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Bill’s latest aquisition

20 January 2018
Thank goodness it’s not another yacht!
Vessel Name: Valiam
Vessel Make/Model: Valiam: Lidgard 45 (Single chine plywood) designed by Gary Lidgard. Built by Bill Anderson and Steve Thornalley. Lati: 31ft 1967 Kim Holman built in Barcelona. Original name Latigazo
Hailing Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Crew: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Bill and Linda fufilled a 30 year dream to sail around the world. First they built a boat in a paddock in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Qld, Australia in 1994 with the help of friend Steve. [...]
CIRCUMNAVIGATION ON VALIAM: We left Mooloolaba on the 7th November 2007, sailed to Townsville, leaving Australian waters on 26th November 2007 for PNG, Palau, Philippines, Borneo, Malaysia,Singapore, Cocos Keeling islands. We crossed the Indian Ocean to Rodrigues, Mauritius,Reunion and South [...]
Valiam 's Photos - Colombia
Photos 1 to 118 of 118 | Valiam (more albums below) (Main)
our  tour operators : Andres (guide), driver and Gerard (organiser)
part of wall around Old Cartagena
the fort
the Fort Cartagena
Gringos tour bus visiting Villa Rosita
another shot with Andres family
Young people hanging out Villa Rosita
playground - note safety features! Villa Rosita
Andres with his little cousin Ronaldo
The square - Villa Rosita
Bernadette with Kelly and Ronaldo
Aunt Nacira with Andres
Adam and Bill in street of Andres house
typical Cartagena house
street scene just outside Cartagena
Los Lagos lunch - countryside Cartagena
flowers in gardens Los Lagos
Roger and Bernadette (France - Guerelec)
hungry female dog received our left overs
Los Lagos
Sunday - visiting family at the cemetry
bird in the park Los Lagos
Boca Grande Cartagena - lifeguards and rows of hire tents on the beach
Boca Grande - beachside accommodation for rich Columbians
anciet script inside the Monastry
Refreshments inside the airconditioned mini bus - Linda and Bronwyn
Monastry courtyard
part of interior decoration Monastry Cartagena
church inside Monastry Cartagena
view of Cartagena city. Can you see Valiam?
Bronwyn and sloth outside Monastry Cartagena
Capt Bill had to try the local food from the street side carts Cartagena
street scene Cartagena
view from piazza having a sunset drink Cartagena
Amy and Jack feeding the pigeons outside Museo de Art Moderno
One of many beautiful doors Caratgena
Outlandish icereams in aircondtioning - heaven! Bill, Adam, Jack, Amy and Bronwyn
Buskers Cartagena
Our favourite square Caratagena
street scene Cartagena
Colombian snack food
Peaceful demonstration - rightf for students of African descent Cartagena
2000 year old gold Gold Museo Cartagena
Gold Museo exhibit Cartagena
symbolic goldwork Cartagena
primitive carvings Museo Orro Cartagena
Meow! Gold Museo
2000 year old artefact Godl Museo Cartagena
One of many building decodrations Cartagena
bulustrades! Cartagena
famous nude sculture Cartagena
here she is again
View from courtyard wine bar Cartagena
Cartagena street
one of many ornate door fittings Cartagena
more CArtagena architecture
hidden courtyard cafe Cartagena
typical building Cartagena Old Town
Rich house courtyard - Bronwyn and I drew this one. Cartagena
Bronwyn chatting to buskers Cartagena
Sketching in piazza Bolivar Caratagena
Buskers performing Colombian dance piazza Cartagena
Clarinet player and Colombian dancers
The band Piazza Bolivar Cartagena
here they are again Colombian dancing
Beautiful Colombian face - fruit lady
Clarinet player
Bronywn with the fruit ladies Cartagena
Fruit ladies again Cartagena
Horse and cart Cartagena
Bronwyn with tout Cartagena
love CArtagena
Museo Art Moderno - Bronwyn
Cartagena street Old Town
Art - Museo Moderno Art
more art- work in honour of Modigliani
A popular artwork - Museo Moderno Art
Artist of previous photo
Cartagena courtyard Old Town
Adam reading
Artwork in restaurant Alano Cartagena
Clube Nautico - a couple of
Bronwyn consulting Spanish dictionary restaurant Cartagena
Piazza Bolivar - Linda
Aussie tourists
Old World Charm Cartagena
Cartagena at night
typical building Cartagena
Fernando insisted we take his photo Cartagena
La BARCA CREW  Adam Bronwyn Jack and Amy Cartagena
sunset Old Town Cartagena
Our neighbour La Barca Cartagena
Our view from Valiam Cartagena
Capn Bill
AIS ship plotter goes mad in the harbour! Cartagena
Madonna statue Cartagena harbour
Cartagena harbour
Grey black pelicans greet us Cartagena harbour
Centro Cartagena - view as we sailed towards the city
Colombia flag (and quarantine flag)
Our first view of Cartagena
Small tuna - dinner on the way
Pre haircut Bill
La Barca sunset Cabo de la Vela
Fresh lobster for dinner!
Bill being taxi to and from Valiam
Amy and Jack with lobster Cabo de la Vela
Cabo de la Vela fishermen
fisher man again
The deal is sealed fishermen Cabo de la Vela for 2 lobsters
La Barca sails off ahead
Cabo de la Vela headland
Grey black pelicans

The Adventures of Linda and Captain Underpants!

Who: Linda and Bill Anderson. To buy our books 'Sailing in my Sarong' or 'Salvage in my Sarong' for $39.95 +postage, see Paypal/visa button below (or email us:
Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

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Linda's books "Sailing in my Sarong" or "Salvage in my Sarong" are A$39.95 each + A$10 postage in Australia for up to 4 books. Other countries please email Linda :
Number of copies of each book you would like
Salvage in my Sarong
"You just sit on the boat, pull a few strings and you get there." Bill Anderson aka Captain Underpants