Albin Vega #176

Happy Memorial Day!

01 June 2010
First, just want to say thank you to all of those that gave their lives in defense of our great country. Memorial day is for them. The ones that watch down over us.

So, I only got to the boat on Sunday, and not for very long unfortunately. I purchased a Black and Decker eletric power washer (1500psi) on sale from Sears. I went down and got most of the forepeak sprayed down. It looks better than before, but definately still needs some work. It just seems no matter how much I clean, it is still dirty. I guess at one point I have to say "Good enough!" and start sanding and painting.

Sorry for the short post, but again, my weekend really didn't work out as planned. More to follow.

Let the renovation begin!

23 May 2010
So I started tearing apart the interior today. I have to hand it to Per Brohall, it was pretty easy to get it apart. Everything was screw/blot secured, and pretty straight foward to take it apart.

interior disassemble

I brough the wood home to work on it in the garage. I haven't made the decision yet if I am going to re-finish whats there, or replace entirely. I have a few design ideas for a new layout of the v-berth, so i'll sketch those out and then make my decisions.

Also, the fiberglass inside looks to be in excellent shape. Granted I need to get a decent layer of mold and debris off. I think next weekend's work is to try and get a power washer in the boat, and blast everything forward of the blukheads.

a bit of cleaning
Vessel Name: Aquila
Vessel Make/Model: 1968 Albin Vega
Hailing Port: Houston TX
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Port: Houston TX