Vela Vee

Sharing our Journey


17 to 30 Sept. having arrived back in Lymington we stayed in the water until the end of the month. We had a lovely weekend with Mike and Trace down on the Beaulieu river, before sailing back to Lymington with Marina - our last sail of the season and it was one of the wettest and windiest all year!
Back in Lymington we removed 3 years of accumulated 'stuff' (3 car loads!) off the boat, took off all the halyards, sails and sheets for washing and winter storage. Berthon boatyard lifted the mast out before lifting Vela out onto 'the hard'. She stayed there for a week before being moved into the big shed for repair work to the hull, (after we were by a boat which broke free from its berth last winter) and for the windows in the saloon to be replaced. We took the opportunity to give the mast a thorough clean and polish, thanks Lyns!

The work to replace the windows and repair the hull will take a couple of weeks. The new windows and fitting will cost about £18k and hull repair about £7k but that will be on the insurance. Once that work is complete Vela will stay in the yard and we will sand the bottom again and do various inside maintenance tasks. The dinghy/tender needs some cosmetic attention and I've been learning how to put on gel coat on, to fill in all the dents and scratches on the hull. So lots to keep us busy over the winter and then we need to think what to do in will soon be here!

We had an amazing summer and thank you so much for following our travels - it means a lot to know someone is interested!

Clare & Jay