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14 July 2018 | Primosten
07 July 2018 | Zadar
07 July 2018 | Preko on Uglijan
26 June 2018 | Kukljica on Otok Ugljan
26 June 2018 | Marina Dalmacija - Sukosan
23 June 2018 | Marina Dalmacija in Sukosan
23 June 2018 | Uvala Soline on Otok Pasman
23 June 2018 | On passage to Uvala Soline
20 June 2018 | Restaurant Zminjak - Otok Zminjak
20 June 2018 | Otok Zminjak
20 June 2018 | Otok Privic
17 June 2018 | Skradin
17 June 2018 | Skradinski Buk waterfalls
17 June 2018 | Krka River
17 June 2018 | Rogoznica
17 June 2018 | Marina
17 June 2018 | Uvala Necujam

Luka Vinisce - the nicest anchorage of our Croatia trip

14 July 2018 | Luka Vinisce
Luka Vinisce is the prettiest anchorage we have been to in Croatia. You go up a long inlet with plenty of water to the end and it opens out into a circular bay and is obviously a very popular seaside resort. Several yachts were already at anchor but being plenty of room this was not an issue. We anchored in 6.5m, and it was free. The bottom is very gloopy mud so we had to wash down the anchor before putting it back in our anchor locker the next morning.

A restaurant dinghy came by and waved at us but saw us eating lunch in the cockpit so just said hi. This is the life; it was a lovely place and good to stop at on the way to or from Trogir and Split.

Anchorage: €0

Primosten on the mainland

14 July 2018 | Primosten
We left Otok Zminjak in 20 knots of wind well reefed down towards Otok Privic. We picked up the same buoy in this pretty little harbour as we had on the north to Preko. However the Harbour Master came out and said all the buoys were taken for a rally coming in later that afternoon. So in we went on to Primosten.

We took a look here at several options at around 15.00; small harbour wall, buoy field and anchoring on the other side of the bay. This is a delightful old town and it was packed with again no room. We did not fancy pushing our way in to anchor with a line to shore as the Pilot Book says it is a doggy sea bed unless you have a fisherman's hook anchor. It had loads of charter boats here so we decided we may be safe but they may not.

On we went to just around the corner and the next bay and a deep inlet. In here there is Kremik Marina which has finger pontoons, what a luxury, like being back in the UK. The marina is very well set up with a frequent cheap taxi service into Primosten, a great chandlery where of course we dropped some Kuna, a good little supermarket, a daily stall selling fresh veg and fruit and a nice bar and restaurant. The showers were brilliant too. It is a marina though so not very pretty after all the quiet and tranquility of the pretty bays.

Kremik Marina €63.5 / night

Busy Croatia for July - places are full so ended up in Zminjak again - very nice

13 July 2018 | Restaurant Zminjak - Otok Zminjak
After staying in Preko for a week with some bad weather Vic and I got ready to move to Split.

We had several bays in mind to try but as we passed them they were busy and even though it was around lunchtime people had not moved on. As it was June 30 was this going to be a trend where everywhere would get busy for July and August?

We decided to email the owner of Restaurant Zminjak on Otok Zminjak, a crescent shaped island off Otok Murter to ask if we could reserve one of his buoys or go on his floating pontoon. He was delighted to hear from us again. We had stayed here before on our way to Preko and had eaten our first Peka here. We arrived around 14.00 and were the first in the bay so had the pick of the buoys or pontoon.

Kresimir Markov and his family have set up a great facility here for yachtsmen. There are are 8 or so buoys and the floating pontoon. The depth is 3.5m of water at the far end and 2.8m to 2.5m up to the end where the it joins the concert pier. It will fluctuate slightly but enough water for most yachts.

As we eat ashore at his restaurant again there was no charge for our buoy overnight and the meal with wine and ice-cream was €20 / head.

Kresimir had read my blog entry for our last visit and on taking us back to Njord gave us a bottle of his new recipe Cherry Brandy. The last one we bought was delicious so we are expecting good things from this bottle!

Kresimir Markov


07 July 2018 | Zadar
From Marina Preko we took the car ferry across to Zadar on the mainland. You arrive in the ferry port and then take two buses into the centre. We came back by passenger ferry from the centre; both take 30 minutes, quick and easy and good for the airport if you need a change over of crew. The bus system in Croatia is very efficient and not expensive, like most of the Med it makes our British system look very poor and bad value for money.

Zadar old town makes for an interesting day out. It is small, compact with pedestrianised streets and has a couple of interesting buildings and ruins to see. St. Donat Church's foundations were constructed using the old broken roman pillars the architect found lying around at the time! The church is now used for exhibitions of various kinds and sits on the site of the old Roman forum. But the best is the Sea Organ. There is a series of pipes under sea level along the harbour wall and as the waves crash against the it the "organ" plays it tunes. The stronger the winds and waves heights the better the tunes.

We learnt an interesting fact whilst in Preko and that is if you see the clouds over the mountain range in Zadar looking like custard flowing over a spotted dick then high winds and a Bora are on their way. We had this for several days whilst in Preko and it rained for several days whilst the UK is having a heat wave.

Marina Preko on Otok Ugljan

07 July 2018 | Preko on Uglijan
Marina Preko is favoured by CA members for annual berths, but it is too cold to stay on board throughtout the winter months; also some CA friends said too windy and stormy. You get a CA 5% discount here which is always a bonus.

We had a pleasant but short sail SE along the coast from Kukljican to Preko. This is a very charming little village with a good choice of restaurants, grocery stores, ice cream parlour and cafes. Outside one of the stores there is an outdoor fruit and veg market. We had a meal with fellow CA members one evening, listened to a version of klapa singers as the also had a guitarist accompanying them, and had another great meal with delicious grilled meats before we left.

Visitors are put on the seaward harbour wall which when the wind blows get very wet, the spray bounces up high over the walls and gives you a salt bath! The Marina staff are very helpful here and can answer most queries. There is a good clothes washer and dryer here which after a couple of weeks at anchor and on harbour walls was very welcome.

Marina Preko: €46 / night including CA 5% discount
Self-service laundry: €7 per wash or dry

Kukljica on Okto Ugljan

26 June 2018 | Kukljica on Otok Ugljan
We are now in our way to Preko to drop off Jon and explore Zadar. However the Marina which is favoured by CA members and several folk we met at the CA rally are based here, was full on Saturday and we are booked from Sunday. So we went across the bay from Sukosan on the mainland to set us up to get to Preko. We went into the harbour of Kukljica. It is a charming little village with many restaurants and bars around the harbour.

We had a very nice lunch at one of the restaurants, Stari Mlin with fresh kalimari to start and mixed grill all washed down with a nice local white wine and sparkling water as a spritzer.

The harbour wall had lazy lines and plenty of water (4.2 m). The marinero came to help us come in. We were on the outside and towards the end of the concrete pontoon a perfect spot. It would have been too shallow for us on the inside or closer in. We were on the southern side of the harbour. The pontoon nearer the church only has enough water at the end. Most of the cats that came in went over there.

There are facilities here included; ok loos and basic showers and a basic supermarket. We did not find the butcher but think there was one.

Photo show the pontoon opposite where we were on the south side. Later on in the later afternoon it filled up with Catamarans. The wind changed direction when we were there and a SE brought some "chop" into the harbour.

Sukosan to Kukljica 2nm
Kn 300 on harbour wall + Kn 100 for water & electricity if requested

Vessel Name: Njord of London
Vessel Make/Model: Malo 39 Classic
Crew: Vic Farhi & Clare Harrison
About: Learnt to sail together and the first sailing experience was in Lanzarote in 2005. We then bought Mandarin, a Bavaria 39 and in June 2012 bought Njord, a Malo 39 from the Baltic.
Extra: As attributed to Mark Twain: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
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