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13 April 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
02 April 2021 | MdR
01 March 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
10 February 2021 | Ragusa
17 January 2021 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa, Sicily
31 December 2020 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa, Sicily
30 December 2020 | Marina di Ragusa
30 December 2020 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa
25 December 2020 | Porto Turistico, MdR, Sicily
22 December 2020 | Marina di Ragusa Main Square
27 November 2020 | Marina di Ragusa
09 November 2020 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa
13 October 2020 | Marina di Ragusa
19 September 2020 | Marina di Ragusa
21 July 2020 | Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Salisbury
20 July 2020 | Salisbury
20 July 2020 | Salisbury
09 July 2020 | Salisbury Water Meadows

Smart new fenders - summer has arrived

04 June 2021 | MdR
Njord, as you know over the years always gets the presents! The summer is here, her teak deck plugs have been replaced where necessary and now she has a set of beautiful new fender covers.

Our local chandlers only had navy blue covers for the big round fenders (A2) and the two fatties (F6) given to us by Crazy Diamond in Plymouth (at the time) some 7 years ago and still going strong. I therefore ordered the other 6 F5 covers from www.fendress.fr the manufacturer, they arrived quickly and doesn't she look smart!

New light fittings for Njord

13 April 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
Njord's light fittings are the originals throughout and now 21 years old. We needed to replace one in the cockpit as the switch had corroded, but of course the old designs are no longer available so we had to go for two new lights.

Down below the light fitting in the heads was working but the brass painted finish had deteriorated and peeled off and one over the saloon table had a temperamental switch and kept flickering at odd times.

We had professional help to fit the lights and do the electrical work and are so pleased with the end result. The saloon light is bigger than the original and brass so very, very smart and fits very well. However it was very expensive so we switched the one in the saloon out to the heads instead of getting two brass fittings.

We took quite a long time sourcing new fittings that would work. Dan Hills from Malo Yachts UK was very helpful in giving us some sites and companies to approach for modern current LED replacements, however most were out of stock and they were not restocking any time soon.

It was quite an experience getting the cockpit fittings from the UK to Sicily. We ordered after Brexit and the two lights cost around GBP19 and the import VAT was Euro17 which meant two trips to the post office in Marina di Ragusa to pay the VAT to get the parcel released. The UK company and Craig in particular was very efficient and helpful and we are very pleased with our purchase.


For the brass saloon fitting this came from SVB an online German chandlery which will be the way we have to get all our chandlery items in the future EU to EU.


Happy Easter from Sicily

02 April 2021 | MdR
Stay safe and enjoy what you can and have a very happy Easter.

Clare and Vic enjoying Easter Sunday lunch on Njord

Mount Etna

01 March 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
In February Mount Etna has been very active. There have been some stunning photographs published of the activity.

We have not had any ash which is good news for our teak decks here in the southwest of Sicily (Marina di Ragusa). In February we have had some strong winds which carry a fine orange sand from Africa which gets everywhere.


10 February 2021 | Ragusa
In Sicily we have red, orange and yellow designations for the Covid virus period.

Over Christmas, New Year and into February we were in the "red" zone. In "red" we can leave the marina to shop, (there are no Ocado deliveries here) but we have to complete a self declaration form saying where we are going and where we have come from.

Not really wanting to go out from the seaside town of Ragusa i.e "Marina di Ragusa" we were called to Ragusa to present our credentials at the state healthcare centre to get our health card and then to go to sign up with a local doctor. The day arrived (still in "red" zone) and it was pouring with rain, so all dressed up with mask in place and form completed, plenty of paper work in hand and having paid the annual health service fee at the post office (which took 3 attempts to get it done) we set off for our appointments in Ragusa.

We made it, mission accomplished and returned to Njord safely.

Aerial photograph of Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa

17 January 2021 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa, Sicily
This beautiful aerial photograph was taken by a local photographer (January 2021) and we have highlighted Njord in her berth so you know where she has spent her winters recently.

2020 was a hard year on many accounts, Covid related restrictions all over the world, sad and distressing times for many people and grappling with the arrangements that came along for sailors and their yachts on December 31, 2020 when Britain left the EU.
Vessel Name: Njord of London
Vessel Make/Model: Malo 39 Classic
Crew: Vic Farhi & Clare Harrison
About: Learnt to sail together and the first sailing experience was in Lanzarote in 2005. We then bought Mandarin, a Bavaria 39 and in June 2012 bought Njord, a Malo 39 from the Baltic.
Extra: As attributed to Mark Twain: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Njord of London's Photos - Njord of London
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Looking towards the Great Barn at Buckland Abbey
Gardens at Buckland Abbey, NT property
Entrance to Buckland Abbey, NT property
Mended and enhanced anchor chain feeder.  It now has a lip at the top of the feeder to allow the chain to run through it more smoothly and the diameter is greater.  The original was bent when the new galvanised chain got stuck in the feeder.  This is super strong!
We have finally got round to naming the safety horseshoe buoy.
Jon climbing Njord
Our outboard engine for Dennis our dinghy.

Yamaha 4 stroke
From Mount Wise looking towards Royal William Yard; a photo taken on the first sunny day in 2014
"Dennis The Menace"

Our trusted dinghy who usually would rather stay wrapped up safely on board than out in the river.  Here he is on his way to the pub at Dittisham
Vic testing out our new shiny bow ladder for our Mediterranean bows to mooring
The new bow ladder face on
The design of our bow ladder is clever in that it is held against the stem by "V" necked support
In the storms the waves bash against the coastal wall at Dawlish in Devon.   This is where the main railway line hugs the coast on the route from Penzance to Exeter.  

February 2014
The rail track at Dawlish suspended above the sea where the wall has fallen victim to the storms.  

February 2014
Enjoying a drink by the fire:

Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
The sitting room:

Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
Deborah relaxing at the house in Argoules
The sitting room:

Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
The kitchen dresser:

Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
The dining room where we had all our evening meals of cheese, pate and of course French wines:
Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
From the first floor looking out at the front of the house:

Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
One of the three double bedrooms:

Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
The terrace from the kitchen up to the garden:

Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
The Garden:

Le Vieux Presbyter, Argoules 80120, France
Amusing Christmas scene - what me!
Njord looking spick and span for Christmas
Njord with her tinsel hanging from the grab rail
Opening presents on board Crazy Diamond during the final courses of the safari Xmas lunch.  It was about 21.00hrs mind you!
Dessert and cheese course on Crazy Diamond for Xmas Day safari lunch
Clockwise: Jemima, Jane, Vic & Clare
End of the main course on board Njord for the Xmas safari lunch
1st course of safari Xmas day lunch on Svano.
Clockwise: Malcolm, Jemima, Clare, Jane
Robert & Deborah enjoying Njord
At the start of the safari Xmas lunch on Njord, trying out the Njord Winter Warmer
Pre-Christmas drinks on board Njord.  Vic
Cocktails on Njord - Njord
Ronnie and Camilla going out for a hack.
Njord with her Christmas lights
Clare, looking serious getting ready for the Christmas safari lunch which was the main course on Njord
Clare, smiling this time!
Tanners.  We had a Christmas lunch at Tanners in the week leading up to Christmas with Neill.  We had beautiful wines (several bottles) and Christmas turkey
Ahoy there!  A fun card sent to us by Sea Power based in Ipswich
Twister Fairground ride - holding on for dear life.
Twister - Scary fairground ride for Christmas!
The Plymouth Gin Distillery is the oldest working gin distillery in England and they have been making gin since 1793.  "The Refectory" in the medieval building is believed to be the room where the Pilgrim Fathers spent their last night before setting sail for the New World.  This gin was used in the first ever documented Dry Martini in 1896.  Vic is going to be Njord
This plaque commemorates Viscountess Nancy Astor who made history when she became the first female MP to take a set in the House of Commons after her husband took his seat in the House of Lords.  She represented the Plymouth ward of Sutton for 25 years.  She was also the Lord Mayor of Plymouth during the war.  The plaque is on the Civic Hall
This is the very peaceful and tranquil Elizabethan Garden in the Barbican in Plymouth
Commander Charles Crichton was key in the organisation of the Thanksgiving Day celebrations in Plymouth.
Lt. Commander Alan Brechbill, the US Embassy Deputy Naval Attache at the ceremony meeting and greeting outside the Civic Hall in Plymouth for Thanksgiving Day.  He and his family came from London especially for the celebrations and represented US Senator Murray
Look at those smart walking boots!  On the way to Royal William Yard via The Hoe, in the rain!
Cheese board for Trafalgar Night on board CD.
Check out Njord
The side flaps to Njord
The material is great it allows you to look out but not in when the sun is shining!
Fitting Njord
The roof of the bimini
Banjo, "Executive Assistant" to Sarah and Heather at Ocean Canvas.  She is waiting for her payment (doggie treats) after overseeing the bimini fitting.
The Plymouth Eye on Thanksgiving Day from the top of The Hoe
US D Day Memorial
Saltash Passage, Plymouth
Cawsand - October 2013
Cawsand Bay anchorage - October 2013
Sailing in Wembury Bay - Sunday races
The banks of the River Yealm.  High Water at "Springs" so the sand bar is well covered
Looking down river to the entrance of the River Yealm and Wembury Bay
Banks of the River Yealm
"Purchase" for inner forestay stowage -40mm fiddle becket cam and fiddle plus rope
Allspars Rigging, Plymouth
VPS upgrade with 2 x clutches, 2 x cheek blocks and new heel hoist rope.
Allspars Rigging, Plymouth
Royal William Yard - Plymouth
This collection of Grade 1 listed buildings are only part of the yard which was designed in Victorian times by Sir John Rennie and built between 1825 & 1831.  The area has become a “foodie” destination with many different restaurants, a bakery, wine bar, gallery and trendy apartments.

September 2013
Sunset over River Helford
September 2013
Sky over River Helford
The Gangnam Dance
Nicholas and his wedding speech
Tiffany with all of Nicholas
Vic, Tiffany, Nicholas and Julie
Vic, Clare, Tiffany, Nicholas, Julie and Henry.
The happy couple
Just married
Vic all dressed up!
The happy couple before the big day
June 2013
View of Prussia Cove from coast path.  Seals were basking on the rocks.
June 2013
Prussia Cove from the estate grounds
June 2013
The view from the garden over looking Prussia Cove
Porth-En-Alls.  The wedding location.  This is a lovely family estate overlooking the Atlantic on the South West coast of Cornwall and is 6 miles east of Penzance.
June 2013
View from Njord
June 2013
Leaving Dartmouth on our way to Plymouth
June 2013
Dartmouth from our visitors pontoon
June 2013
Entering Dartmouth on the trip from The Solent to The West Country for the summer
The Nancy Blackett and Njord in Brighton Marina - June 2013.  The Nancy Blackett was Arthur Ransome
May 2013
Passing the White Cliffs of Dover on the journey to The Solent from Ipswich
June 2013
Ramsgate Town Quay from the marina
Jon Boon in Ramsgate Port - June 2013
Jon is in front of the "Home for Smack Boys" in the Port.  A "smack" is a traditional fishing boat which was mainly in use up until the Second World War.  There was a large fleet that operated from Ramsgate.  The "smacks" generally had gaff cutter rigs. The sails usually had that distinctive red ochre colour which was a proofing that was applied after a couple of years of use.  The original sails would have been white cotton
May 2013
April 2013
Njord back in her berth after the annual lift out
April 2013
Njord on the hard at Ipswich Haven Marina having just been anti-fouled for the season
Summer 2012
Old Gaffers
August 2012 to May 2013
April 2013
Seals basking in the first sunny day of the year on the beach at Crinkle Hill, Norfolk
February 2013
The big freeze of 2013.  The temperature dropped to minus 13 degrees C on several occasions during the winter months
September 2012
River Orwell
October 2012
Autumn sky in Ipswich Haven Marina
September 2012
Pauline & Anthony with Vic in the Ipswich Lock waiting to leave outbound for a day
The walled garden where the ceremony will shortly take place
June 2012
Our beautiful Malo 39 is lifted from the truck by the Endeavour Quay hoist to be put in her cradle so work can be don on her before we launch her in the UK
June 2012
Njord (formerly known as Anita of Wisemar) arrives at Endeavour Quay over The Queen
May 2012
Just about to do the sea trial on Njord (formerly known as Anita) in Griefswald, East Germany on The Baltic
May 2012 
Njord in Griesfwald, Germany