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26 February 2022 | Marina di Ragusa
25 February 2022
02 September 2021 | Mediterranean Maritime Hub (MMH), Valletta, Malta
22 August 2021 | Slimena
22 August 2021 | Valetta, Malta
19 August 2021 | MMH Yard, , Malta
19 August 2021 | The Black Sheep, Sliema
12 August 2021 | Sliema
12 August 2021 | Just off Manoel Island along the front
12 August 2021 | MMH
12 August 2021 | MMH’s yard in Grand Harbour, Valletta
12 August 2021 | Grand Harbour Valletta, Malta
12 August 2021 | Crossing from Sicily to Malta
03 August 2021 | Lumia Restaurant , Lungomare, Marina
13 July 2021 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa
13 July 2021 | L pontoon, Marina di Ragusa
13 April 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
02 April 2021 | MdR

January 2022 - Marina di Ragusa

26 February 2022 | Marina di Ragusa
The year has started off with very cool evenings and cold overnight, the days very windy but with some beautiful sunny days. This weather is somewhat different to the previous winters we have spent here, but then the weather in the UK and rest of Europe has been unusual too.

This photograph was taken mid January on our pontoon by Njord. I managed to do my yoga practice this particular day here as there was no wind at all, beautiful.

Autumn & Winter 2021

25 February 2022
We decided after our summer sailing this year we would go back to the UK for approximately three months (30 August 2021 to 30 December 2021).

We left Marina di Ragusa at sunrise with all our paperwork printed out for Passenger Locator Forms, negative flow test certificates and all our Italian paperwork and cards. At the airport we received a "Perfecto" from the check-in lady for being so organised. That might sound easy but it was a bit of a challenge as the rules kept changing.

Sunrise in Marina di Ragusa

We stayed in the north west and explored the Lake District. Jon our sailing friend joined us too which was great and lent us his "red pepper" car so we could get out and about; very kind, thank you. It took us up to Scotland to visit Njord's big sister Great Escape and down to Bournemouth and Poole.

Borrowdale, Keswick

Castlerigg, Keswick

On our way to our rental apartment in Bournemouth for November and December we stopped off in London at Nic & Tiff's apartment.

The evening view from their apartment ...

This gave us lots of opportunities to get to know our two adorable grandchildren. The eldest is now three and we last met him in New York aged three months. His younger brother we hadn't met before as he was borne in Manhattan during the Covid pandemic. As this is an "open blog" site we won't be posting photos of them but trust us they are the cutest ever, (do all grandparents say that?).

Bournemouth's beach huts from the famous pier

In November I went on a yoga retreat which was the best yoga experience ever. It was with Sally who as well as a superb yoga teacher is a fellow cruiser with her husband. I follow her via zoom virtual sessions, but this retreat was simply wonderful. We were at Caradoc of Tregardock near Port Issac of Doc Martin fame. Check out her website for future retreats - www.yogisal.co.uk

View from the main house at Caradoc

And finally we arrived back in Marina di Ragusa at sunset on 30 December 2021 just in time for New Year's Eve and to wish the new year in.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022

24 December 2021
Clare, Vic and Njord

Regular Maintenance for Njord - aka Njord's Beauty Treatments

02 September 2021 | Mediterranean Maritime Hub (MMH), Valletta, Malta
In 2020 Njord did not have a lift out for antifouling and polishing. Don't be fooled through, she had lots of loving whilst in her berth in Marina di Ragusa; regular baths, a teak deck workout in the shape of plugs and caulking and a caulking hair cut.

Thank you from us for all the loving she received; you know who you are!

So in 2021 and still in a year of Covid restrictions we wanted to have the antifouling paint applied and the hull and top sides polished. The fouling in MdR is not as bad as in Piraeus (Athens) but bad enough and she blushed when she came out of the water in MMH's yard in Malta.

After ... SeaHawk BioCop antifoul ... Njord is happy again

This year we had to yet again change the antifoul paint to comply with what is acceptable in the Med. I think it has something to do with the copper content in the paint and its safely for marine life. Fair enough to be eco friendly but that gives us a problem in matching a compatible to paint to the previous layers over the years without going back to the epoxy. We will have to do this at some point as the last time was in 2013 in Ipswich. So maybe we go back to the epoxy in 2023 or we are thinking now of "sucking in the purse strings" and going to copper coating. It is more expensive initially but then cheaper in the long run. The cost of antifoul paint keeps rising and the length of time it is lasting in these warm Med seas is reducing.

In the travel hoist ready to launch. This is the small hoist at MMH they can also cater for superyachts, tankers and the like. This small one has wheels that stand taller than us at 6 feet.

Back in MdR in her berth looking good

MMH was fantastic. Attention to detail was superb and nothing too much trouble. They brought in the expert mechanics and engineers as required. We were assigned a project manager and her assistant and the owner's son organises the yard and staff. Each time an was discussed a quote was sent and after our agreement to that extra item the work commenced. So no nasty surprises when the invoice arrived.

Chilling in Slimena

22 August 2021 | Slimena
Our air conditioned Airbnb is lovely and cool in the current heatwave. The temperatures reached a record 48.8c in Syracusa whilst we were away in Malta having Njord's lift out.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Valetta, Malta

22 August 2021 | Valetta, Malta
We last visited this spectacular cathedral in January 2017 when we were seeking out possible marinas for over-wintering. This cathedral never disappoints.

The 17th century high alter. It is so rich, in all senses of the word, gold, silver, and beautiful jewels give it a special feel.
Vessel Name: Njord of London
Vessel Make/Model: Malo 39 Classic
Crew: Vic Farhi & Clare Harrison
About: Learnt to sail together and the first sailing experience was in Lanzarote in 2005. We then bought Mandarin, a Bavaria 39 and in June 2012 bought Njord, a Malo 39 from the Baltic.
Extra: As attributed to Mark Twain: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Njord of London's Photos - Marinas
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Njord in Villasimius, Sardinia, Med Mooring
Ibiza Marina
Real Club de Nautico Palma
Spain - Denia - Njord in Marina de Denia
Spain - Alicante - Njord in Berth G 43, Alicante Marina
Lagos Marina, The Algarve.
We arrived at the beginning of September and this will be our main marina through the autumn (2014) to the spring (2015
Spain -  Cartagena - June 2015 - Njord along the quayside in Cartagena with blue sail bag
Spain - Cartagena - June 2015
Spain - Garrucha Marina - June 2015
Spain - Garrucha Marina - June 2015
Spain - Garrucha Marina - June 2015
Spain - Almerimar Marina - June 2015
Spain - Almerimar Marina - June 2015
Expo Marina at midnight
Spain - La Herrandura Anchorage - June 2015
Expo Marina, Lisbon
Only part of the marina is dredged.  This mud photo is the other side of the pontoon to the finger berth that Njord is berthed on.  She certainly sits on the mud at low water springs but at least we have water around us still.  This photo was taken at 0.1 metres above chart datum on 12 August 2014
Spain - La Herradura - June 2015
Expo Marina, Lisbon
Wallowing in the mud at low water springs!
Spain - La Herradura - June 2015
Spain - Fuengirola Marina - June 2015
Gibraltar - Ocean Village Marina - May 2015
Gibraltar - Ocean Village Marina - May 2015
Gibraltar - Ocean Village Marina - May 2015
Figueira da Foz Marina
Njord is on the hammer head and can just been seen to the right of the photograph with her bow towards us.  The entrance was quite easy but there were not enough staff on duty (only one) to help all the yachts that inevitably come in together so we selected our own pontoon stretch and then others followed suit.
Spain - Rota Marina - May 2015
Spain - Rota Marina - May 2015
Spain - Rota Marina - May 2015
Marina Punta Lagoa, Vigo
This marina is situated up past the ferry and cruise liners moorings and landings and past the marina in the centre of Vigo.  It is a very busy Ria and important for cargo ships loading and unloading.  However the Ria is large and there is plenty of room for everyone.  We choose this marina which has excellent facilities and is situated in a very quiet and tranquil location under the wooded hillsides of Vigo.
Portugal - Vilamoura Marina - May 2015
Portugal - Vilamoura Marina - May 2015: Very good marina facilities, short pontoons with no mid cleats but lots of help from the marina staff to help you moor up.
Marina Punta Lagoa, Vigo
Portugal - Vilamoura Marina - May 2015: The view across our pontoon to the marina restaurants and pubs.
Ribeira Marina, Ria de Arosa
This is a small state run local marina mainly catering to small leisure fishing boats. There is one pontoon of locally resident yachts but they do hold Sunday regattas (races) in the summer season when many visiting yachts come for the sport!  There is only one pontoon which forms the boundary of the marina for visiting yachts.  Mooring is stern or bows to.  This was our first experience of picking up a lazy line.  The pontoon is not recommended (by the marinero) in high winds and bad weather.
Portugal - Lagos Marina - May 2015: Look across the marina to the old part of the town
Ria de Muros
This little island in the Ria is just in front of the turn you need to make for the fishing harbour and marina in Portosin.
Portugal - Lagos Marina - May 2015: The footbridge that connects the marina to the main avenue in Lagos.  The bridge is lifted upon request to let yachts come and go.
Portugal - Lagos Marina - May 2015: Looking across the marina towards the outskirts of Lagos
Camarinas Marina, Ria de Camerinas.
This was a very unspoilt and pretty Ria.  The marina is state run as are most of the Spanish and Portuguese marinas along this Coast.  Very little English is spoken here but with help from lots of people everyone gets along and understands what you are trying to say.  There is a nice restaurant with well cooked fresh food at the top of the pontoon entrance which also plays host as the local yacht club.  Here people of all ages came each night we were there to watch the various football matches being played in Brazil.
There are no laundry facilities in the marina but just outside the gates is a laundromat where for €8 we had all our sheets and clothes washed, ironed and folded beautifully and much better than my efforts.
Portugal - Lagos Canal - 2015: Channel marker in the Canal from Lagos Bay to the Marina entrance
Portugal - Lagos Marina - Christmas 2014:
Sines Marina on the hammerhead.  The wind blew up as we entered the harbour to 30 knots and it was tough coming into the marina and berthing safely, so we opted for the hammerhead and had a good straight approach in from the marina entrance
Sines Marina
Looking towards the castle in the old town.  Sines was the birth place of Vasco da Gama, whose father was the local mayor
Oeiras Marina.
This marina is at the mouth of the Rio Tejo.  Oeiras is about 20 minutes by car or train from Lisbon.  

The marina is charming with lots of facilities including a swimming pool we can use, the town centre is in walking distance along the promenade and it is lively with restaurants, cafés and a few small shops.  The marina will drive you to places if requested.
Oeiras Marina.  The entrance from Njord
Marina Club Real Nautico, A Coruna
This marina is not the posh new one that you first see around the breakwater upon arrival in A Coruna, past the Torres de Hercules, but the one in the centre of A Coruna
Expo Marina, Lisbon.
The entry and exit sluice gates.  They are very narrow and great care has to be taken negotiating them as the wind and tide affect the passage through.
Expo Marina aka Marina Parque das Nacoes, Lisbon.
This is Njord
Cascais Marina.
This is a very smart marina in the centre of Cascais.  It had good facilities in a big complex with cafes, restaurants and a mini-mart which also has a chandlery business.
Nazare Marina, Atlantic Coast of Portugal.  This is a fishing harbour and easy to get to the visiting yachts
Douro Marina, Porto.
This is a lovely new marina with good facilities.  The approach channel is quite shallow so good notice has to be taken of the channel markers and a straight line taken when turning at 90 degrees from the channel into the marina entrance
At the entrance protecting Ria de Vigo from the Atlantic swell and weather.

You have to get a licence to anchor at the Spanish National Parks.  They are a group of nature islands off the rias and are protected.  First of all you have to apply for a navigation licence from Vigo which can be done on line easily.  However it does take up to 10 days.  You then get a navigation number for your boat which you enter into an online reservation system stating the island and dates you want to visit.  By return you get a confirmation which you need, if challenged by the roving authorities, whilst anchored.  There is no charge to visit however. The maximum you can stay is two nights at anchor.  

At Illas Cies where we went you need to be careful with the rise of tide.  The local Spanish tide tables showed us a range of 5 metres.  However it was more like 10 metres!   So it is necessary to lay out a lot more chain than the standard text book calculation.   The bottom is sandy and it is easy anchoring otherwise.
Oeiras Marina looking towards the marina office and the restaurants, cafes and bars
Marina Portosin, Ria de Muros
This is a very pleasant marina almost at the far end of the navigable part by yacht in the Ria.  The Ria is great for day sailing, it
UK - Sutton Harbour Marina, Plymouth - May 2014: Sutton Harbour Marina, Plymouth.
This is a great place to be, right in the Barbican area, down by the regenerated water front and near the Mayflower Steps. The marina is behind lock gates which are easy to enter and leave once you have tried it once or twice. However most times the gates are open on "free flow" so on the traffic lights and requests to the lock keeper you can motor straight through.  In the bad storms of winter 2013/2014 the marina was well protected from the high and destructive waves.