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13 April 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
02 April 2021 | MdR
01 March 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
10 February 2021 | Ragusa
17 January 2021 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa, Sicily
31 December 2020 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa, Sicily
30 December 2020 | Marina di Ragusa
30 December 2020 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa
25 December 2020 | Porto Turistico, MdR, Sicily
22 December 2020 | Marina di Ragusa Main Square
27 November 2020 | Marina di Ragusa
09 November 2020 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa
13 October 2020 | Marina di Ragusa
19 September 2020 | Marina di Ragusa
21 July 2020 | Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Salisbury
20 July 2020 | Salisbury
20 July 2020 | Salisbury
09 July 2020 | Salisbury Water Meadows

Smart new fenders - summer has arrived

04 June 2021 | MdR
Njord, as you know over the years always gets the presents! The summer is here, her teak deck plugs have been replaced where necessary and now she has a set of beautiful new fender covers.

Our local chandlers only had navy blue covers for the big round fenders (A2) and the two fatties (F6) given to us by Crazy Diamond in Plymouth (at the time) some 7 years ago and still going strong. I therefore ordered the other 6 F5 covers from www.fendress.fr the manufacturer, they arrived quickly and doesn't she look smart!

New light fittings for Njord

13 April 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
Njord's light fittings are the originals throughout and now 21 years old. We needed to replace one in the cockpit as the switch had corroded, but of course the old designs are no longer available so we had to go for two new lights.

Down below the light fitting in the heads was working but the brass painted finish had deteriorated and peeled off and one over the saloon table had a temperamental switch and kept flickering at odd times.

We had professional help to fit the lights and do the electrical work and are so pleased with the end result. The saloon light is bigger than the original and brass so very, very smart and fits very well. However it was very expensive so we switched the one in the saloon out to the heads instead of getting two brass fittings.

We took quite a long time sourcing new fittings that would work. Dan Hills from Malo Yachts UK was very helpful in giving us some sites and companies to approach for modern current LED replacements, however most were out of stock and they were not restocking any time soon.

It was quite an experience getting the cockpit fittings from the UK to Sicily. We ordered after Brexit and the two lights cost around GBP19 and the import VAT was Euro17 which meant two trips to the post office in Marina di Ragusa to pay the VAT to get the parcel released. The UK company and Craig in particular was very efficient and helpful and we are very pleased with our purchase.


For the brass saloon fitting this came from SVB an online German chandlery which will be the way we have to get all our chandlery items in the future EU to EU.


Happy Easter from Sicily

02 April 2021 | MdR
Stay safe and enjoy what you can and have a very happy Easter.

Clare and Vic enjoying Easter Sunday lunch on Njord

Mount Etna

01 March 2021 | Marina di Ragusa
In February Mount Etna has been very active. There have been some stunning photographs published of the activity.

We have not had any ash which is good news for our teak decks here in the southwest of Sicily (Marina di Ragusa). In February we have had some strong winds which carry a fine orange sand from Africa which gets everywhere.


10 February 2021 | Ragusa
In Sicily we have red, orange and yellow designations for the Covid virus period.

Over Christmas, New Year and into February we were in the "red" zone. In "red" we can leave the marina to shop, (there are no Ocado deliveries here) but we have to complete a self declaration form saying where we are going and where we have come from.

Not really wanting to go out from the seaside town of Ragusa i.e "Marina di Ragusa" we were called to Ragusa to present our credentials at the state healthcare centre to get our health card and then to go to sign up with a local doctor. The day arrived (still in "red" zone) and it was pouring with rain, so all dressed up with mask in place and form completed, plenty of paper work in hand and having paid the annual health service fee at the post office (which took 3 attempts to get it done) we set off for our appointments in Ragusa.

We made it, mission accomplished and returned to Njord safely.

Aerial photograph of Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa

17 January 2021 | Porto Turistico, Marina di Ragusa, Sicily
This beautiful aerial photograph was taken by a local photographer (January 2021) and we have highlighted Njord in her berth so you know where she has spent her winters recently.

2020 was a hard year on many accounts, Covid related restrictions all over the world, sad and distressing times for many people and grappling with the arrangements that came along for sailors and their yachts on December 31, 2020 when Britain left the EU.
Vessel Name: Njord of London
Vessel Make/Model: Malo 39 Classic
Crew: Vic Farhi & Clare Harrison
About: Learnt to sail together and the first sailing experience was in Lanzarote in 2005. We then bought Mandarin, a Bavaria 39 and in June 2012 bought Njord, a Malo 39 from the Baltic.
Extra: As attributed to Mark Twain: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Njord of London's Photos - The Spanish Sailors' Ionian Fortnight
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Boarding the plane in Rome: Judith and Carlos flew from Madrid to Rome to Preveza to join us for a wonderful 2 weeks.   It was very chilled and laid back for all of us.
Safety Briefing: It is important to have a safety briefing when visitors come on board.  It is also important to fit the life jacket and know where they are kept before you need them in a situation.  Judith trying on her life jacket.
Preveza Harbour: The starting point of the 2 week sailing holiday.  The large harbour outside Cleopatra Marina.
Carlos & Dennis in Vlikho Bay: Carlos rushes back across the bay to collect us for an afternoon of ouzo, G&Ts and a pool all to ourselves
Stella Apartments & Pool, Geni in Vlikho Bay: Our first stop in Vlikho Bay and we sent Carlos and Judith off to find the excellent bakery, a Taverna for dinner and to explore the bars.  Carlos soon came back to collect us in the early afternoon to take us for a drink, a swim and later to Elena Taverna for supper.  As we had left mid afternoon and arrived back in the dark we had to guess where Njord was.  There was no moon that night and loads of yachts in the bay and we had not left her Bebi light (cockpit solar light) hooked up.  We dudnt do that again, but Carlos lined up Dennis with the houses on the shore and went straight to Njord.
Enjoying a pool dip in the pool at Stella Apartments, Geni: After a peaceful first night
Stella Apartments,  Vlikho Bay, Geni, Lefkada: Stella and Savas were lovely hosts at their holiday apartments and pool.   This was our first anchorage of the trip and the first pool.

The pool was inviting, refreshing and warm.  Afterwards a welcome shower meant we were on our way to good water management practises on Njord.  

Stella was very chatty and friendly and poured healthy G&Ts.

Elena Taverna, Geni in Vlikho Bay: Nice greek food.  The lamb chops were delicious.
Elena Taverna in Geni, Vlikho Bay: Our first evening out.  We went straight from the pool close by to this very nice taverna.
12 Gods Taverna Pontoon, Sivota: The berth, electricity, water and lazylines are all privided by the Taverna owner to make your stay here easy.  There is also assistance to moor up.  Free showers are also provided and there is a self service laundry near the first super market as you cime into the harbour.  The pontoons are new and solid.
12 Gods Taverna, Sivota: Sivota has matured since we were last here for the yachtie.  It is a very pretty circular bay well protected with a small entrance that opens out into the harbour.  It probably is not everyone
12 Gods Taverna , Sivota:
Cocktail time: Judith let slip that she likes cocktails so we started experimenting with Margueritas to go with the Mexican feast for supper on board Njord.  The tequilla and limes were easy to buy but we couldn
Palarios, Mainland Greece: Carlos and Judith out and about in the bay near the harbour of Palarios
Palarios, Mainland Greece: This was a lovely anchorage and protected for the wind direction we were going to have that evening.  Carlos and Judith took Dennis to the beach and met some friendly locals and a retired sea captain in the harbour.  Earlier in the day the Tourist Police had moved some yachts that were anchored too close to the beach.  We were off the harbour entrance so ok.  You have to be more than 300 metres from a swimming area and the police seem to be enforcing the rule this year.
 Vonista &  the Inland Sea: We went on a beautiful walk around this little pine tree island connected to the mainland by a causeway.  There were a lot of yachts anchored around the far side of the island which is very protected.  We were anchored off the town of Vonista instead with only 4 other yachts here, including some of our friends,  Keith and Linda from Marina di Ragusa.  We enjoyed a beer with them at a very friendly family run taverna
Vonista : Njord in the distance from up on the hillside outside the castle walls in Vonista
Pine tree walk: After a beautiful walk around this tiny island we swam off the beach in warm, shallow water.  There were loads of sea urchins so it was important to have our swim booties on.
Njord at anchor in the Ionian at Vonista: We saw turtles here, infact more than in the nature reserve dedicated to a breeding gound for them in Zathinkos
Parga, Mainland Greece: A lively anchorage as it
Petriti, Corfu: This beautiful anchorage was not over crowded during the day and less so at night.  We anchored in the second part of the bay just off the first Taverna, aptly named Panarama.
Lunchtime stop, Petriti: The view from Panarama Taverna. No need for other explanation!
Panorama Terrace, Petriti, Corfu: This Taverna had a lunchtime terrace and a cafe terrace here during the day.  In the evening the owners transformed it into a nice bar and outdoor dining area.  We went back for a cocktail that same evening before supper on Njord.
The view from the lunch terrace of the Panoramic Taverna, Petriti
Lunchtime in Petriti
Enjoying a chilled beer
Dennis the Menance: We told Judith that Dennis our dinghy was a bit of a menace when Carlos sailed with us before.    But after the first day of a little hiccough to show he had a mind of his own with his engine and with Dr. Carlos & Dr. Robert
Dennis The Menace
Petriti, Corfu: You can anchor either side of these rocks in beautiul clear water.  Nice beaches and places to swim.
The cutest puppy ever at Panarama Taverna,  Petriti: We woke up to yet another day in Paradise and deployed Dennis to take us to Panarama Taverna.  They had a good pontoon to tie Dennis up to whilst we enjoyed a local beer that turned into lunch as well.  This little puppy was so friendly and wanted to play with everyone.  He took a fancy to the buckles on my bag; must have been teething.
Petriti Village: Petriti was so lovely we chose to spend two nights at anchor here.  The second day we took Dennis to the harbour and went to the pool for the day.  For €6 you get a small beer, use of the cold water  shower before and after swimming, a sun lounger and umbrella; blissful.  Lunchtime was an XXL gyros for €5.50 washed down with chilled beer for the boys and a nice local white wine for the girls.  The pool was a really decent size, warmed by the sun and we were the only people until the apartment guests came back from their day
English Phrases: Judith
Northern Corfu by Vesper: On the last day Carlos and Judith went around the northern part of Corfu by Vesper to see some more of the island before leaving to go back to Madrid.

A lovely holiday!