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12 March 2018 | Roatan, Honduras
10 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
08 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
06 March 2018 | Cayos Cochinos, Honduras
04 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
01 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
01 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
28 February 2018 | Roatan, Honduras
26 February 2018 | Placencia, Belize
23 February 2018 | Roberts Grove, Belize
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A Good Day to Move East

12 March 2018 | Roatan, Honduras
Susan / calm, sunny beautiful day, 83 degrees F
We’re not moving far however it is nice to move eastbound without strong trades on the nose. Fantasy Island Marina has gotten / is getting some much needed upgrades from the last time we were here. Each space now has metered power and water. The front dock has been converted to a med-moor configuration w/ new finger docks. The back Coco View side docks will convert within the month. As we motored by, we noticed big changes / improvements on the Big & Little French Cay properties as well. Someone’s brought some money in! We find a suitable space for Vida Dulce, with occupied boats around for security (in addition to the paid security that wanders the grounds on a schedule). She’ll be fine for the bit we’re away.

Mona & Paul Depart

10 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
Susan / beautiful sunny day, 82 degrees F
Mona & Paul are off to a much cooler, likely rainy, Seattle, sporting tans from their time in the sun. All vacation priorities checked-off, including the West End Creole Chicken place (even cinnamon rolls this time!) and fish tacos at Cannibal Cafe. Last night we ate dinner at Oasis, one of the best restaurants on the island. As usual, the food was delicious.

Return to West End

08 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
Susan / beautiful sunny day, 84 degrees F
Mona & Paul decide they want to spend their final days at West End, so back we go. This time it's a pleasant sail, wind 10Kts on the beam and 1-2' swell. Soooo much nicer! Paul again fished however the catching part didn't co-operate. No complaints thou as it's a warm sunny day. Anchor down, they head to town for fish tacos, beer & ice.

Cayos Cochinos

06 March 2018 | Cayos Cochinos, Honduras
Susan / beautiful sunny day, windy, 80 degrees F
Yesterday, Jerry & I drop off Ellie at the airport for her flights back to snowy Aspen, then grocery shop for the coming week. We also fill the jerry jugs with gas and diesel. At the end of the day we return the rental car. A busy day for us while Mona & Paul relaxed & read in the sun, jumped into the water when they got hot. Repeat. Drink cold beer. Repeat.

This morning we’re off to Cayos Cochinos, a 4-hr sail from West End. A boisterous sail in 20 kts on the beam, and lumpy wind driven seas under clear blue skies. Mona at the helm, Jerry worked the sails, Paul fished - one got away close to the boat, a small blackfin tuna was landed and thrown back to grow some more - check, check. After arranging for their dives tomorrow, a long snorkel is enjoyed; check, check.

Costs: There are 7 mooring balls, first come, first served. Cost of being in the area is $23/month for the boat including the captain, plus $23/person/month...same cost as the two day rate, so 2-30 days is the same rate. Dives are $60 each or $40 if you have your own gear and $10 for a tank fill.

Full House

04 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
Susan / beautiful sunny day, 83 degrees F
With Mona & Paul's arrival we have a full house, all beds spoken-for. We rent a car to pick them up, and also to drop off Ellie for her flight tomorrow. With wheels, we can drive to West Bay for a late lunch (2:30p or a bit later by then) so we choose one of our favorite only-one-meal-needed-a day-spots, HangOver Hut. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of us, just too hungry - food arrived & we all dove in. Custom loaded hamburgers for the guys, various sandwiches for the gals, fries & onion rings, and of course tropical beverages to accompany.

Mona, Paul & Ellie do the beach walk back while Jerry & I drive the hilly, curvy, pothole-filled road back to West End to park the car and take their luggage to Vida Dulce. Jerry then picks them up at the dock. (Dulcita can only handle a max of 4 persons.)

Their priorities: snorkel, dive (preferably at Cayos Cochinos for the added fun of sailing time), fish, sun and down/reading time. Easy-peasy.

2017-18 Cruising Itinerary Update

01 March 2018 | West End Roatan, Honduras
Now that we’re finally moving, an update on this year’s cruising season itinerary.

Same general cruising season plan, getting south to Panama for the next hurricane season, however timing is a bit different. Now that we’re here, we will remain in Roatan until we’re back from getting the condo ready for sale. It’s much easier to fly between Roatan and the States, then say Isla Providencia & Isla San Andres, which are Colombian islands off the coast of Nicaragua, and even to / from the Caribbean side of Panama, where a journey into Panama City is required. In Roatan there are two marinas, such as they are, reasonably close to the airport where we can leave Vida Dulce when we need to fly back for work and to sell the condo. There is no safe place to leave her in Isla Providencia nor Isla San Andres, and in Panama Panamarina and Shelter Bay are again a long way away from the airport. In addition, it is much easier to have items flown into Roatan. Jerry continues to work on the NOAA / NWS requested new Mintaka Innovations product and will no doubt continue to need supplies. So Roatan is where we’ll be, in & out, until the end of April. May is usually very settled weather, so a good (historically speaking) chance of a nice weather window to go east and around the “corner”.

Right now we’re enjoying being in Roatan with Ellie. This Sunday Mona & Paul arrive for the week. The winds and seas are starting to abate for the first time this season, allowing more options for vacation swimming, snorkeling and diving.
Vessel Name: Vida Dulce
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 440
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA
Crew: Jerry and Susan Barber
About: Jerry and Susan moved aboard Vida Dulce in late October of 2010. We are currently in the Caribbean.
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