on board VIENTE

07 July 2009 | Glandore Harbour
27 June 2009 | 68nm southwest of Glendore Harbour
26 June 2009 | 240nm SW of Union Hall
25 June 2009 | 370nm SW of Union Hall
24 June 2009 | 525nm SW of Union Hall, Ireland
24 June 2009 | 45 22.0'N:20 03.0'W
23 June 2009 | 43 53.7'N:22 30.6'W
23 June 2009 | 43 53.7'N:22 30.6'W
22 June 2009 | 42 20.3'N:25 22.2'W
21 June 2009 | 40 37.0'N:27 09.0'W
18 June 2009 | Horta, Faial
15 June 2009 | Horta Marina
12 June 2009 | Horta Marina, Faial
11 June 2009 | 10nm south of Ilha do Pico
10 June 2009 | 60nm SW of Santa Maria, Acores
09 June 2009 | 34 31.3'N:23 50.8'W
08 June 2009 | 32 52.5'N:22 06.6'W
07 June 2009 | 31 18.45':19 52.20'W
06 June 2009 | 151nm SSW of Madeira
05 June 2009 | 29 13.0'N:15 35.0'W

Chart 1950

10 June 2009 | 60nm SW of Santa Maria, Acores
Wind 240/14, fine, 1026 rising
A welcome moment for an ocean sailor; at 1550 today we arrived on Admiralty Chart 1950 (Arquipelago dos Acores), my venerable old approach chart to the Islands. We have 197nm to run to Horta, Faial.

This morning's photo will be familiar to my British sailing friends; 'on the wind again'! Last night was one I'd rather forget; extraordinary confused seas, the result I guess of a big swell from NW, an Beaufort 5 sea from the SW and 1.4kt of SE going current. Imagine trying to sleep in a tumble dryer doing 7 knots whilst inclined at 30deg - not recommended. Having got through the night, dawn revealed a truly 'Channel' scene - cloud base about mast height, visibility less than one mile in rain. But Hey! this afternoon is another day entirely - clear & sunny with a fine topsail breeze from the southwest; Viente clipping along under all plain sail at 7 - 8 knots. God willing, I'll be making the last passage report tomorrow afternoon on 'long finals' for the island of Pico; the 2300m Pico Alto volcano is always a grand landfall for Horta.

Thanks for the mails Helen, Richard & Pat and thanks for the comments from Max, Nick & David which Helen forwarded. NB. Although I can update the Sailblog via SSB radio, I cannot view the site or read comments until I get internet access (in Horta). I am of the 'bandwidth impared' community - which I guess explains a lot! David - thanks for the advice; battery cables are secure; SG's checked, one cell lower than the others but all in the 'green'; snag still there; should be a competent electrical engineer in Horta to check it all out.

24HR Run: 163nm on Log, 142nm on chart (0.9kt foul current)
Vessel Name: Viente
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg Rassy 40
Hailing Port: Emsworth, England
Crew: Gerry & Pat
Extra: Ellos, May 14 2008
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on board VIENTE

Who: Gerry & Pat
Port: Emsworth, England