Violet Scott

13 February 2019 | Hualtuco, Mexico
08 November 2018 | Puerto Escondido, Mexico
08 November 2018

Leaving Mexico

13 February 2019 | Hualtuco, Mexico
Violet Scott
We made it too Hualtuco! Yay, this is the farthest South that my family has ever been. My mom and I have been here three times and my dad twice.
We are preparing to leave Mexico. On Thursday we will be crossing the Tehuanapec's. Then we plan on stopping in Chiapas to check in and supply for leaving the country.
Although I'm extremely excited to enter Central America, for more reasons than I can count, I'm also sad to be leaving Mexico. This country has definitely become my home, and leaving the familiarity of it, will be similar to leaving the United States. Which sounds crazy, but it's true.
Before we leave though, we are going to head back up to Playa India, a place I hung out when I was a baby in Mexico. Our friend Brian on Argus and I like to surf the make-shift break there. It's over a very shallow coral reef which can be super freaky sometimes, but so far nobodies gotten hurt! Since we don't think anybody has surfed there before, we named it The Shallows, after that Blake Lively movie. Well, that's the name until we think of something better.
Hopefully one of the few days we are there, there'll be some surf, but if not, swimming around the pretty coral will definitely suffice.
The next time you hear from me, I'll be in Chiapas or Central America! Yippee!

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

08 November 2018 | Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Violet Scott
We made it!
Sassafrass is in the Sea of Cortes after sailing 540 miles from Punta Mita to get here. We didn't do much exploring last season, so we are very excited to check things out this season. The reason we rushed was to catch some visiting family, whom we hung out with for a couple days and had lots of fun with. Now that they've left, we are going to bop around for a little while to check out all of the neat anchorages. Hopefully I will be able to get some free diving in!
At the moment we are in Puerto Escondido to provision. We're also waiting for my friend and her family on the boat The Answer to get here. When they do, we will probably do some buddy boating.
On another note, the land in the Sea of Cortes is amazing. It's almost like being on Mars. I haven't spent much time in the desert. Since I've mainly been in tropical Mexico, being here with the view and lack of humidity, is a welcome change.
Something I've noticed that's different on Baja than the Mainland, are the sunsets. On the Mainland, the sunsets seem to be more orange and red. On Baja they start setting with a vibrant orange color and then the whole sky turns this brilliant lavender shade. I don't think that I have ever seen one like it.
For reasons more than the magnificent sunsets, I can assuredly say, I am happy that we made the trip north.

My Name is Violet...

08 November 2018
Violet Scott
Hello everyone,
My name is Violet. I am a fourteen year old cruising kid who is currently on her second season in Mexico! My family's home is on a 65' wooden schooner named Sassafrass; we've spent a little over a decade working on her so we could start our adventure. We are extremely happy, and grateful to be here.
This blog is going to be used as an outlet for me to write about my family's travels. You'll be hearing all about our adventures and what we've been up to.
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!
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