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04 June 2014 | Papeete
04 June 2014 | Tahiti
31 May 2014 | Gambier Islands group, French Polynesia
31 May 2014 | 7nm from the Gambier Islands group, at 0600 (ship's time)
30 May 2014 | 164nm from Gambier Island
28 May 2014
28 May 2014 | 465nm from Gambier Island
27 May 2014 | 619nm from Gambier Island
26 May 2014 | 805nm from Gambier Island
25 May 2014 | 984nm from Gambier Island
24 May 2014 | 1,172nm from Gambier Island
22 May 2014 | 1,525 nautical miles from Gambier Island
21 May 2014 | 1,702 nautical miles from Gambier Island
20 May 2014 | 1,888 miles from Gambier Island
19 May 2014 | 2,074 miles from Gambier Island
18 May 2014 | 2,246nm remaining

Sunset in Tahiti

04 June 2014 | Papeete
Spent the morning mooching and researching what we might do for the next week. We did think to head out to the Marquesas to enjoy and explore the rugged landscape, but thought the better of gallivanting around the countryside, preferring instead to find a little hideaway somewhere nearby to take some down time, kick back, and chill out. Nothing here is cheap, almost Swiss prices, so that is a real constraint, especially given the short notice. We will catch a ferry somewhere, and hopefully find ourselves enjoying a lagoon view for sunset this time tomorrow. In the meantime . . .

Island Hopping

04 June 2014 | Tahiti
The view from our bedroom balcon, looking southwest back towards Papeete.

Pacific Blue Day 18.2 - Land AHOY

31 May 2014 | Gambier Islands group, French Polynesia
Ship's Time: 0655

Christine has come on deck, and has been anxiously peering onto the gloom off the port bow. Eventually she calls, "I can see land". I rally to the cry, and indeed it is so.

I go below to rouse Leanne with the call Land Ahoy! She dresses warmly, and comes topsides to revel in the first sight of land after 18 days.

The skipper comes up, grumbles about the dropping wind, reclaims the helm to make a change of course and tighten the sails, and then goes below for some more sleep muttering about "wake me later", or something.

The sun rises about 45 minutes later, and the attached is what we see. Land ho.
Vessel Name: Boatless
Vessel Make/Model: Now, that's a good question . . .
Hailing Port: On the Hard, Zürich, Switzerland
Crew: David & Leanne
About: A voyage completed on S/C Duo, a Lagoon 420, as passage crew with owners Michael & Christine.
Extra: Taking the sabbatical we had to have … Panama Canal > Panama - Galapagos - the Gambiers (French Polynesia) ++++ WALKABOUT = trip, cruise, expedition, foray, travel, voyage, excursion, jaunt, safari, exploration, search, reconnaissance, tour, getaway, traipse, wander, roam, meander.
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