Taya's voyage to the South Pacific

23 February 2018
23 February 2018
22 February 2018
21 February 2018 | 750 miles west of Chile
21 February 2018 | 750 miles west of Chile
21 February 2018
21 February 2018 | 769 miles west of Valdivia
21 February 2018
20 February 2018 | about 800 miles west of Chile
19 February 2018 | About 900 miles west of Valdivia
18 February 2018 | 950 miles west of Valdivia
17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean

Sunday-new time zone

05 February 2018 | The Southern Ocean
New time zone. We killed 5 and have 3 more to go after this one...
....And today we entered Mountain Time Zone! Yep we're at GMT-7 Anyway , the cabin was at 15C (59F) this morning when I woke up: not so bad; the 95% humidity though is a little harder to take. Thank god, by opening the cabin door and galley hatch I managed to drop it to 94.7%!
Outside is same ol' same ol': cold wind, grey ocean, grey skies but this morning there is just a gentle breeze; 15kts! Now that's a welcome change. The gribs look pretty bad for 48hrs next week: wind totally on the nose predicted in the mid-twenties; which means upper 20's real with gusts around 30; and that means no way to go to weather down in this part of the world. So maybe we'll have to heave to for a couple days waiting for normal weather patterns to come back. I just have the GFS model though so I don't know how reliable the forecast is.
Yesterday vacuumed bilge of about 16l of water so the leak on deck/forepeak still exists after I taped the windlass and the chain locker hatch! We also cleaned the paddle wheel of the log which was grossly underestimating our speed through water. It's better now.
I did some Math with Janneke; I didn't read yesterday. Janneke made some crepes that we had with apples/cheese/proscuitto/pineapple/eggs....in a word whatever we could get our hands on and that sounded good.
I can hear Randy really well so I'm hoping to talk to him for a while yet. Maybe we should try a phone patch when you get back home. Randy just patches me through the US phone network from HAwaii and it just rings like a regular phone call on your cell phone.
I'm sorry you had/have to watch the superbowl; what a terrible drudgery!
Vessel Name: Taya
Vessel Make/Model: Medium 38
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Alan Cresswell, Captain, and Janneke Brouwer, Crew Member
Extra: Katy posting.
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