Taya's voyage to the South Pacific

23 February 2018
23 February 2018
22 February 2018
21 February 2018 | 750 miles west of Chile
21 February 2018 | 750 miles west of Chile
21 February 2018
21 February 2018 | 769 miles west of Valdivia
21 February 2018
20 February 2018 | about 800 miles west of Chile
19 February 2018 | About 900 miles west of Valdivia
18 February 2018 | 950 miles west of Valdivia
17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean

Maybe Valdivia, Chile in 1600 nm

08 February 2018 | The Southern Ocean
Alan/moderate gale
1058 pm Wednesday

Hard to tell if we hit something. The whole rudder sheared off at the top I think. I will check when we have more moderate weather. We fixed good spaghetti's with Gouda and slices of salami for dinner before the net. We're down to main sail with 3rd reef and we've gone through all reefs today; the external halyard we reeved through works very well and the problem can be downgraded to a concern. There is some chafe between the halyard and a spreader but I just have to keep an eye on it. The rudder problem shouldn't be compounded by the halyard problem. We're in a moderate gale now but things will get better in a couple days. I have emailed met bob with some details and he already responded. As long as the remaining rudder keeps working we should be ok.

If you listened to the net you may have heard a guy advising to go to Valdivia rather than Puerto Montt (Valdivia is just 100nm north of Puerto Montt)

Peter also sent me an email with all the email contacts for the Marine Rescue Coordination center at Puerto Mont and suggested I emailed them with the situation and sent them a position update daily. I will do so.
Vessel Name: Taya
Vessel Make/Model: Medium 38
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Alan Cresswell, Captain, and Janneke Brouwer, Crew Member
Extra: Katy posting.
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