Taya's voyages after Patagonia

After Chilean "canales" from Puerto Montt to Puerto Williams in 2019, In 2020, Taya moves up the South Atlantic Coast, from Tierra Del Fuego to Baltimore.

Post-Storm Assessment

17 February 2018 | Southern Ocean
6 pm
We're sailing! On course to Valdivia at about 5kts on starboard tack - the good one!

I got the drogue out in an hour this morning; hard work but really not bad. Winched up the thing and its 105 cones on the primary cockpit winches. Being careful about my fingers.

Storm outcome:

-Wind pilot is still there but rotated down which is weird because it's held by 4 beefy bolts. So looks ok just needs some adjustments ....
-Several cones were kinda shredded on the drogue and some chaffing damage at the cleat. System needs some tweaking.
-Water generator is totally fucked: its head broke and the bolts holding it to the transom are lose which means that water comes in every time a wave come up the scoop. It's above the waterline so no problem but we probably got about 20 gallons in the boat since the storm started. To fix that leak we would have to open the aft locker and empty it again to access the back of the hydro and replace the standard bolts with mofo bolts. Last time we tightened them and that was clearly not enough.
Wonder if I can find a fix to keep using it. Working on that after the wind pilot.
-Wind generator has survived unscathed.
-Rudder is ok although the drogue threatened its life by wrapping itself around it after a big wave (explanation in my previous email ....

Vessel Name: Taya
Vessel Make/Model: Passoa 50
Hailing Port: Dover, Delaware
Crew: Alan Cresswell and Katy Clay
Extra: Katy, author posting the blog.
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