Taya's voyages after Patagonia

After Chilean "canales" from Puerto Montt to Puerto Williams in 2019, In 2020, Taya moves up the South Atlantic Coast, from Tierra Del Fuego to Baltimore.

Departing Gambier

11 March 2019
Alan Cresswell
March 2
Well, we're off to the races. We close hauled on port tack going south at 6.5kts. The weather pattern are definitely closing off Pitcairn and probably easter as well. We raised anchor at 14:00, and threaded our way around the many shoals and deserted islands with white sandy beaches, and then exited the large Gambier lagoon by 16:00. It is 19:45 now, the sun is below the horizon but not a cloud in the sky in the direction of the wind. We might tack tomorrow back North if the wind were to clock more to the South but I doubt it. Hope the night goes well.
Vessel Name: Taya
Vessel Make/Model: Passoa 50
Hailing Port: Dover, Delaware
Crew: Alan Cresswell and Katy Clay
Extra: Katy, author posting the blog.
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