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18 December 2010
12-17-10...Las Hadas continued......
Hello all!
It is now Friday. I have scrubbed and cleaned and vacuumed and organized. I dropped off all the laundry for a Resort Style cleaning...taken inventory of all non essential junk in the way and stowed it. Counters are clean, sinks shiny and walls's AMAZING how dirty stuff gets even out on the water...I am ready. I am ready for my shipmate for the next 3 weeks. The next phase of this odyssey is about to begin. Sunny Girl arrives tomorrow at 445pm. I will be there at the airport to greet her. I wonder if she will even recognize this relaxed, tanned energetic kid, smiling like it's Christmas.....hey wait! It is almost Christmas!! This year, she's my present. Everyone at the hotel I know and all the cruisers who put up with my fly-by's in the dink....hooting and hollering, the shirtless bald "kid" in his new dingy....I've been told by two ladies they though I was only 30-32 years old! (of course not the maturity level fooled them...)

Yes my friends, I am finally settling into my zone, the cruisers life. This challenge I have set forth for myself really is an alter ego of sorts....a transcendence from the reality we all know and live by to a school play that lasts for two months. I've yet to figure out my role or what character I'm playing yet....but am leaning towards set design or perhaps creative director?? All I know is this: when the final curtain falls, I will have played my heart out and lived the dream to the fullest. This is my life, like it or destiny for the next month and a half.

Some fellow cruisers just dropped by...said. "Hey Pelon..we heard you were out of beer for two days, yes?" UHHHHHH...yeah, how'd you hear? "No worries mate, good on ya"...up thrusts a 12 pack of Tecate and off the I yelled, "How much do I owe you?"....."Oh, Mate...a lot, a lot...." "Really do like those dingy wheels though....." Sorry guys, I'd rather pay! Cruisers are a wieldy bunch....always amazes me how generous they are.

Yesterday I was invited to ride into town with two other couples. One was off a large power boat and the other off a Baba 30 something sailboat. Both from PV. We went to the town center of Manzanillo for a stint at the "Social" which is a corner pub that feeds you all the finger food you want for free as long as you buy drinks....ok, common now man, WHAT'S THE CATCH?!?? Sorry Bro, you missed out!! We stayed for a couple hours and told story...about cruising and careers. One was an artist, the other a teacher. A systems automation dude and a TV station owner. Names to be kept top secret until disclaimers are signed. Nonetheless, all just normal people, people of means, but with the same challenges as me. I don't give a flying rip if you got millions or not....I still knew how to talk to the taxi driver enough to know a little history of the place and how many kids he has.....big points from automation guys wife....she understands way more Spanish than me but is afraid to engage....which there of course I have no problemo!!

After a brief meet and greet with a few hundred Mexicans along the path of stores, it was time for ice cream! Now keep in mind, I didn't coerce anyone to drink too much OR order round after round of seviche or bean, I'd never do that! We were all pretty giddy by the time we heard loud music and saw dancing at the town square beneath the HUGE marlin sculpture. Off we went to spectate....the only "Gringo's" there, it was a school performance of several Christmas numbers....played out by all grades, multiple costume changes and passionately played out by each and every was an honor. We all clapped and whistled and yelled....(maybe that was just me) and got lots of smiles from the parents around us. After that, then we went for ice cream.

It's now after 8pm and that's late for a cruiser so we caught cabs back to the hotel and bummed a ride in Joe's huge tender with a 65 hp Yamaha 4 stroke.....WEEEEEEEEEEE! back to the boat, did some stuff, then popped in a movie for my evening entertainment. Around 10 pm your time I pinged my girl and we chatted it up on skype for a while, she's going like a bat outa hell with little sleep.

Well, all for now as I need to prepare for tonight's festivities on the yacht next to me. Desert and drinks...Hmmm sounds like a snore!

Thanks for listening!
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Extra: I bought the boat from mom & dad in 1999 and have been restoring her to current glory ever since. It's a work in progress. This blog is an accounting of my travels raw and uncut.
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