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29 December 2010 | Melaque....still
Sailor & Sunny
Feliz Naviblog! (credits to Sunny Girl for the kewl play on words!)
We are enjoying yet another "Groundhog Day" of near 80 degree weather, a slight breeze from the NW and listless, breathless azure blue skies. Almost matched by the Virgin Gorda blue ocean I am in absolute bliss. Do you remember the feeling of absolute relaxation, calmness, slowed down pulse (that of a dog lying on a rug) food at hand, cold beer in the fridge, amps in the battery bank, a dry bilge, set, companionship, love, embracing all that is good in life? Forgetting the stress and strain of work, responsibilities at home? I will remember this, this time of reaping the benefits of a well laid out plan, pushing myself to the outer limits of physical exertion, mental exhaustion, moral and spiritual strength....and total dispair that it may NEVER happen! Yes, I suck every pleasure out of living on my little floating island of bliss....especially with the woman that I love and admire and edify in many ways. My ship that has come in is only 37' long but feels like a mega yacht! Does size really matter???? (can't wait to get feedback on that one!....please, more blog comments you guys, I pay extra for that!!!)

Today is Wednesday the 29th of December. My parents are here at their first resort stop Pepe's Hideaway....evidently an exclusive retreat of only half a dozen palapa style suites. Thanks guys for spending my inheritance wisely! Go big or go home baby!!!!.....Seriously folks, I hope they spend it all and leave me nothing.....there's two people who have earned every luxury that life has to offer. Much of who I am and believe is by example, the example of two great people who had the grace to sacrifice certain pleasures in life in order to create a compelling future for their two sons.....Mom and Dad, I love you.

Ok, don't ya'll choke on feel good now, back to our floating paradise.

Yesterday we were hanging out in the cockpit reading and just simply checking for a pulse on each other (you know, Polynesian Paralysis setting in) when we heard in the distance, "Hey Anacortes!" as we looked over here was this tanned fit fellow hollering over to see if we like fish. Uh, seriously skippy...US? LIKE FISH?!?? over he putted in his aluminum fishing skiff laden with multiple rods and gear.....torn jeans, black rubber boots and no shirt, it's 80 friggin degrees man!....most memorable was his hat....certainly seen many dead fish and millions of UV hits....the top gone and his dark curly hair sticking up slightly....his name was Tom..or "Tommy" of course, you know me....his nickname immediately became "Tommy Bahama, and if you read this blog Tommy, hope you aren't offended.....but know I only give nicknames to those I like!

So, Bahama graced us with two medium sized Mackrel....some stories of where he came from and how he lives here on a sweet lot in town in his trailer that gets towed here every year from up north. He posed for a couple pics with me....largest catch of the day in hand, just to make the encounter more dramatic for my blog of course. It was evident he took a liking to my Sunny Girl as his glances and grins to me were not even attempted to be discreet...only a compliment to a beautiful woman.....Dude, thanks for the compliment and assurance that I done good!...Of course my girl just shrugs it off and silly and funny and I should quit making a thing out of it....with a quick pat on the butt and a kiss, she leaves me with the job at hand, get on the dive gear.

So, over the side I went with my snorkeling gear on, cake spatula tied to my wrist; a man on a mission against freeloading barnacles and 6" of growth hanging on for dear life to my bottomsides....creating a micro-climate for hungry fish of all ages. After about 10 minutes of this drama I was sure I'd NEVER finish! Well, an hour and half later, all with breath holds and a snorkel, I was able to get the starboard side completely scraped, brushed the transducers and dynoplate ground for the SSB radio and the rudder. For my cool down, Sunny handed me the brush and I scrubbed the waterline of all its freeloading grass and grunge.

After a coldie and some warm up time in the cockpit, Sunny suggested I call it a day, it was 5pm and I was bushed. We made a quick trip to the shore to dispose of our Basura (garbage) and walked up the Malecone to the outlook. The sun was setting as we walked back down to NOTOE who was balancing on the transom wheels in a god-awful stench of rotting shellfish the locals used for baiting their hooks thrown from our shore landing area. I'm talking two day old crab guts meets the stinkiest tennis shoes on earth.....kinda like Bob's were when he was on board!!!
A quick dingy run to the outer reef for a gander at the sunset and we were done. Back to the floating hotel we went and settled in for some light food, a drink of wine and some reading. Then came a main feature in the aft cabin on the DVD and flat screen.....ho-hum....another crappy day in paradise.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
Love and Blessings-
Sailor Boy and Sunny Girl.
Vessel Name: wades aweigh
Vessel Make/Model: 1974 Irwin 37
Hailing Port: anacortes, wa
Crew: Captain Lawnboy & Dad
About: Dad (Cap'm Rich) is a retired Master Mariner...he'll forget more than I'll ever learn about the sea. Me, well let's just say I've lived a blessed life on the sea since I was just a young lad.
Extra: I bought the boat from mom & dad in 1999 and have been restoring her to current glory ever since. It's a work in progress. This blog is an accounting of my travels each winter for the months of December and January.

Who: Captain Lawnboy & Dad
Port: anacortes, wa
Thanks for taking time to look up my blog! You are now on board with the COOLEST dream EVER!!